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    Weird Dagger Symbol! (Left from spawn)

    It isn't anything, it's just where the rock textures have mirrored, and created the impression of an image.
  2. I'm going to bet the Brits have something to do with the next map, they have already been shown to be involved in the plot ENG board and the Soldiers on the Arctic Level and are mentioned on the terminal but have not made an appearance yet.
  3. Unit 33

    Monkey Testing Capsules!

    Points to consider: .The Nova6 Zombies don't look much like people either. .The monkeys in the 'tins' connect to the level in the campaign on Rebirth Island (last mission). .This shows that Nova6 in both the Rebirth Labs and Kino monkeys were being experimented on (also "Five"). .The monkeys were most likely transported from the installation seen in Shi No Numa (all you could hear was those damn dirty apes). The Nova6 zombies were failed experiments with the use of Nova6 gas, perhaps due to the unsatisfactory results of the 115 Zombies.
  4. Unit 33

    Theory for Picture with no one in it

    Sophia was the secretary at Der Riese... or something similar. Apparently Maxis had grown fond of her; Found (not by me) on the terminal.
  5. Unit 33


    I don't think they've driven for a sophisticated sound puzzle, like they did with the past versions. This one is mainly about the images that flash past, I'd be surprised if we found much where sound is concerned.
  6. Unit 33

    What Is Your Highest Round On Der Riese?

    Highest would be... 32 with 2 player split screen, we would spend ages perfecting our strategy, which centres around hiding up the stairs at teleporter C, this was probably hindered by me never bothering to get perk-a-colas.

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