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  1. play2often

    Wall Weapons in Classic Maps

    just a little correction: In the BO version of Verruckt, the Springfield was removed and replaced with the Kar98K, just like on the German side. it was probably done because: A.) The springfield was weak and had mis-aligned iron sights B.) For the above reasons, few used it C.) To save data space
  2. play2often

    Mining on the moon? And logo on suits?

    regarding the argument whether the moon base is from Group 935 or Russian, can't it be BOTH? I remember in a radio message from Der Riese (the one that was cut and only found in files?) it bassicially said that group 935 was something you put before family, freinds, and COUNTRY, giving me the impression that 935 wasn't necessarily a group loyal to the Nazis, but just one recieving funds from them out of convenience/necessity. and weren't a lot of Nazi scientists snatched up by the Soviets anyway? wasn't that mentioned in Ascension Somehow? (Gersch sounds more German than Russian to me...)
  3. play2often

    Bad choice, Treyarch.

    HERE HERE!!!! My biggest problem is that it seems like all the people who bought hardened for ps3 were little kids who just want to find glitches!!!
  4. play2often

    The Map is Set in Canada

    I made a video about 'what the canadians are building.' i'm 100% sure they are talking about the avro-car flying saucer prototype, as the US contracted the canadians to do it, which fits in with the words of the radio. 2nd, the map in project Nova is just showing the location of the ship IN THAT LEVEL. Steiner says they were going to use that ship to launch missiles all over the US, hence the missile routes on the map, from the ship to the US targets. I don't think call of the dead will be based in the same ship as project nova, as it sorta sank...
  5. that doesn't help us any as we're taking about verruckt. and thank you to the guy who searched the files. i just hope we find something eventually.
  6. no verruckt was the first time in CoD your character had a voice. the anonymous marines (aside from Dempsey, and perhaps Peter) definitely spoke, saying stuff like 'no power' and 'get out of my face!'. they DID speak.
  7. Well I only heard it twice, actually, both in the same game (damn you narrow hallways of verruckt!!). It was a full 4 player lobby. I never EVER heard any Peter quote with 3 players or less. But of course we couldn't find out in Black Ops Verruckt, seeing as the crew from 'Numa is there now. That's why I really hope someonw on pc has the World At War Verruckt sound files still on their pc. I really am shocked no one heard/looked into this.
  8. I brought this up a while ago in a topic about 'don't get excited dempsey' but no one really took interest. But I distinctly remember in W@W Verruckt, sometimes when I was down and being revived, the other character would say "GET UP, PETER!" or "WE DON'T HAVE TIME FOR THIS, PETER!" I'm not exactly sure which color character it was, maybe the blue or green on the bottom of the points counter. But it seems odd that everyone was fixated on the hanging man in snn but showed no interest in seeing how he looked ALIVE in Verruckt. But first off, would anyone be willing to check the W@W Verruckt Sound Files just to get some confirmation? Then we could actually get down to seeing if his character model looked any different. (and yes, i searched, although i couldn't locate the search button, so i used google to search CoDz to avoid a repeat topic. so yes, i went out of my way to search)
  9. play2often

    "Sparky" Batteries

    i haven't seen these batteries. do they look like red top modern car batteries? if so, there is one of those at the main menu. look all the way down to the left, at the bottom of one of the carts with medical equipment on top.
  10. play2often

    Is the DG-2 in there?

    i'll admit that if there is no way to get it, then that poster is a little deceptive, putting the dg-2 and winter howl alongside the thundergun and ray gun, which are in the map. we'll have to wait til pc gets it and checks the weapon files.
  11. play2often

    What Will The New Power Weapon Be??

    in the game's zombie files there is something called the sabertooth, as well as the sabertooth 360. (someone said this earlier.....). but i have a link. http://www.eaglesorbit.com/zombie/weapons/missing.php
  12. play2often

    Der Riese Server Exploration

    for tmasaki, i tried stuff to do with the emperor: hirohito emperor hirohito showa emperor honorable honor for the emperor but i do agree with the post above saying we shouldn't be guessing so much as looking for clues.
  13. play2often

    Perk-a-Cola stickers

    not so sure about those new bottles. yes donpedro i agree it looks more like a V. but it doesn't have nearly the same profile as a perk a cola bottle, the new bottle has a short 'neck' relative to the main body of the bottle, compared to the existing perk a colas which have longer necks. these bottles also have a screw off cap, notice the threads at the top. these same bottles can be found on tables all over campaign and multiplayer maps. you know what starts with the letter V? VODKA!!!!!!!! Nikolai approves.
  14. play2often

    Perk-a-Cola stickers

    http://www.youtube.com/user/priceman141?feature=mhum here's a link to my video on how i made mine. yes donpedro i cited you.

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