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    BO Multiplayer FOOTAGE

    I think it was guided by the rocket, if you watch the rocket above it it goes/curves in the same direction as the car. Yes is circles however that is the 5 killstreak missile and is probably camera controled. The person with the RC car obvs nicked the guy with the missiles kills EDIT: The 5 killstreak missile is definately called an Arch Angel Missile turn your volume up and u can hear it clear as day
  2. Hells_Stallion

    BO Multiplayer FOOTAGE

    Ok it looks amazing and from what i can see balenced. Firstly cameras, yeah its a campers best buddy and is like a perminant none killing claymore. HOWEVER it DOES get rid of ur mini-map meaning anyone can creep up from other sides and cameras can probably be destroyed. Plus its heat detecting meaning that cold blooded (provided its in) would make it harder to be spotted. Crossbow looks crazily inaccurate and is equipment meaning u get 2 and 2 only The RC cars are explosive there is probs a way to balence it unsure of how. The thing that looks like a pred isnt. That is what the missile is which hits the sniper near the end and flies out of the window above the RC car as it drives out the window. Heli's are back look at the mini map 0:46 onwards Care packages are back. If you listen carefully u can hear him say care package aquired 0:22. The ones come in by a massive helicopter however (0:35 shows it coming in on the map and drop it on the screen) meaning they can probably be shot down and take teh package urself. Also customization is way way up. Scroll to 0:10 and look at the dot of the RDS. Looks to me like its a customized smiley face RDS but who knows might be the norm. Another thing is people are unsure about the snper towards the end. To me it looks like the one from cod4, the M40A3 http://www.dogfightink.com/m40.jpg All in all this looks epic
  3. Hells_Stallion

    Henry is a hoax

    Its complete rubbish surely people can see that.... :| Its not even close to how sophisticated and detailed treyarch were with the live drops and transmissions. Plus why would treyarch set up a massive conversation on this forum between 2 people, which is what the guys doing this did. viewtopic.php?t=1209 The transmissions are coming out way to close to each other as well, treyarch is known for making u wait between specific details. Its just all too basic to be real.
  4. Hells_Stallion

    New Black Ops Documents Released !!! (NEW)

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Secret_Goldfish did a search for the secret goldfish this is all that came up some band that took their name from the book
  5. Hells_Stallion

    New Black Ops Documents Released !!! (NEW)

    is it just me or http://i692.photobucket.com/albums/vv28 ... 92_004.jpg does that look like a familiar shape?! Shaped like teleporter?! I think so!
  6. Hells_Stallion

    What Is Your Highest Round On Der Riese?

    35 with 4 others its soooo much easier with 3 ppl. We must have killed over 6000 zombies as all 4 of us had 1000 kills and we used the fences to kill most of them. With 3 ppl u r lucky to get 1000.
  7. Hells_Stallion

    GKNOVA6 Live Drop

    Ok Basically. Possible find if anyone is cleverer than me at this lool. http://mail.gknova6.com:2095/ This leads you too a mail website as posted b4 by goblue418 On another thread we find this password... http://www.gknova6.com/password.php Is it possible that they r linked?
  8. Hells_Stallion

    GKNOVA6 Live Drop

    I already stated this lol about 20 mins ago LOL. But thank you on expanding on my post with extra info. Just some pointers the AUG is _Austrian_ and the G11 is defo the H&K its the only german G11. The G11 was never truely put into curculation due to faults it had. DOC 22 Suprising find here this document is actually a extract from a full special research file. http://freegovreports.com/index.php/pro ... h-bluebird Check it out it contains more info on the research
  9. Hells_Stallion

    GKNOVA6 Live Drop

    DOC 10 As mentioned before its talking about something which is remote controllered. Seeing as the document explains that someone used it before and "rigged" something to it im guessing its remote controlled explosives possibly attached to rc helicopter or something. Im just stabbing the dark here but its ideas. Plus it talks about the steyr aug. bullpup rifle. So although this document isnt dated it means its way before 1978 as thats when the gun came into production. Another thing it means is that the austrians might be involved as its an austrian gun. Finally the G11 mentioned appears to be a tasty looking assault rifle. Some good weaponry lined up for this game i see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heckler_&_Koch_G11
  10. Hells_Stallion

    GKNOVA6 Live Drop

    This really has got to link all to zombies and der riese. Radioactive substances.... Remind u of much? What about all the chemicals and strange substances which are found around the der riese map. This is all extremely weird and creepy gotta love treyarchs dedication here. This has all got to lead to brainwashing. Ths may seem a stab in the dark but think zombies and _monkey bombs_. No one ever discovered why the monkeys attract the zombies and distract them but i dont think its coincidence that they do. If the zombies from w@w are the wrong goings of the original experiments maybe the music the monkeys play is was used as a control device incase those that were brainwashed got out of place. Or was even used as a trigger for the brainwashing

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