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  1. Im just passing on hearsay so dont look into it too much we might aswell just wait until the 1st.
  2. Snipers face? Time frame to the sniper your talking about? There is no way they would let you upload your own face and have it displayed on that character. It could easily be abused, not to mention it would look terrible. However, customizable characters are confirmed so maybe thats what they are talking about. Sorry, Forgot to mention it's in the Prestige edition video at the end when the Rc car is sitting behind him http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7_ZLAQysHz4
  3. People where thinking of the snipers face could be a developers face. What they mean is it could be like in other games you can uplaod a photo and it models the players face to whats in the photo but i personally think thats too far for a CoD title but just throwing it out there.
  4. Where about do you see this because i can't see it at all ? Tell me the timeframe ?
  5. Correct me if i'm wrong but there is 3 Co-Op Modes coming to Black Ops, I think we can safely name 1 or even 2 of them: *Nazi Zombies ( All 4 Maps Refurbished To Work With Bo's Engine Confirmed!) *Campaign Co-Op ( This is a possibilty although it is not confirmed ) *...................... ( The secret co op mode Trey are working on ) Just throwing this out there for people that never knew Nazi zombie maps will be availablt for black ops.
  6. I dont think he will be talking about the obvious stuff like Ballistic knives or that though.
  7. http://twitter.com/jd_2020 There was a LOT of info hidden within that #CODBlackOps MP Teaser... What did you guys find? http://2020.vg/aYwv0X Anyone notice anything out of the ordinary in the teaser ?
  8. Castle from World at War !!! or hangar or upheavel aaahhh theres just too many :(
  9. Treyarch are playing a blackops "Demo" (Beta) at a NYC media event so i think they will show us some footage from it. From JD_2020's Twitter: The #CODBlackOps NYC media tour is under way. We like to demo the game in style! #HighRollerSuiteFTW http://twitpic.com/2ba3rt
  10. I looked at some of the info on the documents and at the bottom they have signatures and names of where they come from and i translated one of them to find out it had came from the Auschwitz conentration camp,
  11. Translation of the above post ^ comparison with the theory. in a centrifugal field is the mixing ratio of the two components, a gas mixture given distance with the molecular weight m and m in one of the axle to wherein the mixing ratio of components in the axle, the large velocity of the rotor, r mean the Gas constant and T the absolute temperature. in the fall of xenon, this mixing ratio respectively. determine the separating factor therefore only mathematically complicated, because the xenon isotopic following consists of nine shares atomic weights, and percentages: The mean atomic weight amounts to tap, and Mattauch flugge 9) 131.31. Approximately given let the rare isotope xenon neglecting the consideration of the shares and the most frequent isotope as a mixture of three isotopes considered with the following C OMPOSITION: 32% 129.5 21% 131.0 47% 133.6, neglect to from where that is, 32% to 1.9 atomic weight units lighter, 47% xenon by 2.2 atomic weight units heavier than normal, during the difference of the mean 21% against normal xenon of 0.4 atomic weight units is, the average atomic weight of the isotope mixture is 131.34. The check-in respectively. Depletion of the light and the heavy components with the resulting values r = 5.8 cm, w = 50000/60 I searched to see if the outcome 131.34. had any info on anything and it gave me an ip adress wich is under construction with the title of the page saying "OK" Anyone think this could be of any use ?
  12. Well there is alot to zombies that you might not understand. A whole backround story that takes a good eye to notice.
  13. Look back at my topic on the new documents, I researched IG Farben and made some good discoveries about the gas and its effects. Its all related to Ww2, Involving russians and germans and a factory that got invaded (Der Riese?) anyways nice job.
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