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  1. CoDz Word Association Game

  2. CoDz Word Association Game

    mudbrick pyramids :P
  3. CoDz Word Association Game

  4. CoDz Word Association Game

  5. Blackout here! :D

    Nice! Have fun on the site, we've got theories aplenty, zombie game challenges, teammate finder sections and all that, but also more like zombie fiction and the deep thought section if that's what you want :D
  6. ~Inception~ (Discussion thread)

    SHIT I forgot about Andrew! I've been doing a lot of art and story planning with regard to all of our characters, going to have to slot him in the group sketches Whoops. Thanks for the post Undead ;)
  7. CoDz Word Association Game

  8. ~Inception~ (Discussion thread)

    I'm going to do some more Victor posts, but again I know the fact I'm going back and forth is confusing (being a time traveler half of the present is happening after the past events :3) But I'll try to change that. Also an Idea I've had since the beginning, as Victor can see events unfolding before they happen could you guys possibly skype or pm me what you plan to do? Only to make what he says more relevant :3
  9. CoDz Word Association Game

    pupil :P
  10. CoDz Word Association Game

    (dragging it away from vampires ) Cooperation
  11. ~Inception~ (Discussion thread)

    I was focusing more on the battle itself than the setting, you know, focusing on the events as the soldiers would rather than the 'grand scheme' :3 But you're right, background does allow for a smoother finish. If you're going to post first I'll let you choose the setting, if you don't I will when I post :3
  12. CoDz Word Association Game

    Werepyre (Yes there is such thing, and it is awesome :3)
  13. *Undead's Art Thread*

    Not mine and not all the time Here's an example, I haven't been able to sit down long enough to write something for Undead's RP :3
  14. *Undead's Art Thread*

    Well, when I get back to the UK I'll scan it on here for you! (By the way Undead, you think your scanner is bad? My goodness I need a new one!)
  15. *Undead's Art Thread*

    Sure, but isn't his true apperance meant to be unknown as when people see him it's 'a la scarecrow' with their darkest fears represented by him (and such like)?