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  1. rjr1124

    Ultimate video guide

    I'm definitely trying to get this Easter egg, this map is so insanely sick. I was trying to think of the best gobblegum set up and couldn't decide which is better. Perkaholic and aftertaste or perkaholic and Arsenal accelerator? What do you guys think?
  2. rjr1124

    How to beat the first panzer soldat round?

    I swap between two methods. Either try to get a pop shocks before he shows up and then just knife him or get an upgraded bow before 12 and use the death ray to trap him and then just unload on his core. You don't want to aim for his face you want to aim for the yellow core on his chest.
  3. rjr1124

    Der Eisendrache Highest Round??

    I think I'm in love. Upgraded the electric and the wolf bow today and holy moly are they sick. I like how the wolf bow slows them down and the charge shot clears nice long lines or obstructions in my path. The electric feels a bit OP. I finally made it to 22 tonight on solo and had a pretty decent setup. Had jugg, revive, stamin up, mule kick, PAP'd BRM with blast furnace, PAP'd Dingo with fireworks and the wolf bow. Thanks to pop shocks I got the panzer with a melee but after staying up till 3 playing my focus started to fade. Should've paused and came back later ? God, I can't even imagine how amazing the next map will be!
  4. rjr1124


    Thank you for the warm welcome! I am so glad I didn't sleep on this installment of zombies! Wow, I just played the map all night last night since I finally got some time to sit down and explore and died right before getting my 2nd bow. That lightning bow is absolutely bonkers. There's so much to do I haven't even tried getting the spikes. I always thoroughly enjoyed Treyarchs zombie mode but this time around they really went all out. I'm so stoked on this map and I'm already drooling at what could possibly be next! See you in the threads!
  5. rjr1124

    How to build the shield

    Perkaholic comes to mind.
  6. rjr1124

    How do you get plunger melee?

    Pretty sure you have to go back in time and then it's just sitting on a table. God I wish I didn't have to work today!!
  7. rjr1124

    Excuse my noobness

    I feel like a total noob asking but I've been out of the loop for awhile. Finally back into zombies full swing and was wondering about the persistent perks from BO2. Are they in BO3 as well or were they only for the N4? I know they were introduced on Tranzit but I was under the impression they only carried over to Die Rise and Buried. Hopefully I'm wrong?!?
  8. rjr1124


    Good morning all, My names Ryan and I've been coming to this site for quite awhile now. So, I've been playing zombies since WAW and I really fell out of the loop after BO2. I played tranzit and didn't really enjoy it much and then I missed out on all the BO2 dlc maps. Now I've got all the dlc maps for BO2 and I realize now how much I need to catch up on. I figured since ill be coming here quite often since Der Eisendrach looks absolutely amazing, I should introduce myself. Unfortunately I never have time to sit down and just play for hours but I still plan on playing the shit out of the new map. I'm looking for people to play with when I do have the time, I'm not an amazing zombie player but I'm definitely a solid player. I have tons of questions but I'll save those for another time and the proper forum. I'll have to add my xbox and ps names when I get home but I look forward to discussing this stunning side game that 3arc has created with you all. Jealous of all you ps4 players who don't have to work today! Hope everyone has a great day. And thank you to whoever created this site!
  9. rjr1124

    Possibly a very cool finding?

    Y is everyone such a DICK about reposting topics.....get over it its gonna happen
  10. rjr1124

    What Will The New Power Weapon Be??

    because dragon's breath are incendiary shotgun shells that exist in real life, there would be no reason to have burning bullets Im not talking about bullets filled with acid i mean actual globs of acid.
  11. rjr1124

    What Will The New Power Weapon Be??

    Thanx I still havent even seen what they're like
  12. rjr1124

    What Will The New Power Weapon Be??

    They should make an acid gun that can hit multiple zombies. We need something like the waffe where u can kill more than one zombie per round. And how come no guns get dragon's breath rounds when PAP'd? Off topic- Which shotty gets dragon's breath rounds when PAP'd?

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