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    the question marks on the map

    I think I might bust out Zombies to check this out. Edit: Yea, only 2 rooms have the flaming barrels... The one by Juggernog, and the one by the "SOS" shed. The others just have something burning. Not sure about the Quick Revive room though, the only part burning is the start of the underground area. The one with the double barrel doesn't have anything burning in it... Double Barrel: Nothing in the room is on fire, outside the window however, a pile is on fire. Juggernog: A flaming barrel RIGHT ON the question mark. Quick Revive: The wall of the hole in the floor is on fire. Whether this counts as being "in the room" is questionable. Teleporter B Room: Nothing in the room on fire, but inside the Zombie window some stuff is burning on the floor. S.O.S. Shed Area: Inside the shed is a burning barrel. So yea, what do you guys think? i think that they are just rooms that don't have a name and are unimportant
  2. OpTic Predator

    WANTED: A New CoDz Moderator

    CARBON......be smart here......Triixter is extremely smart and dedicated to this site....hes always here and making sure there isn't ANY fights in the chat.......hes always very mature with everyone developing very good relationships...including me....if Triixter isn't a mod idk what ur thinking...
  3. OpTic Predator


    Would they test nuclear bombs on chimps? This is without a doubt for the Mkultra Project, an (if you read what I wrote above) zombies. :ugeek: Well, everythings decoded. Shall we leave this for carbon in the morning? but they would test for health problems since chimps and humans have very similar DNA
  4. OpTic Predator


    correct me if im wrong but isn't this is the time period of 1970???? and if im right then isn't the huge thing in the 1970's was communism and nuclear power????? Right Side: Subject: NOVA project - We are on schedule this far. Stability has be however, are promising and yield results beyo The remaining issues and action items are as a) Stability is still and issue - we are h -Stability Report No: NOVA.8R 2010032 Testing with trial batches to derive t in the text i think it is really logical that they are talking about the nuclear bomb and the tests they are doing with it. nova is a secret governmental group working on this
  5. OpTic Predator

    A nuke in 30 secs...wait, 30?

    wingsofredemtion hates me it's really funny if u know why

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