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  1. Well boys, it seems like you've already been at it, trying to crack the case. How may I help?
  2. Favorite CoDz Experience

    There are sooo many moments. I would have to go with the first month or so I was on CoDz. I signed up like the second day, but didn't return for about 3 weeks. After reading through the forum, I decided to stick around. I remember being excited seeing carbonfibah online in the chatbox lol. He was like a God to us all back then, having been to Treyarch studios and being so famous for his "zawmbie feeriez." Everytime I saw him I'd be on my best behavior and kiss ass to him haha. I would constantly ask to play with him, whether it was Battlefield 1943 or WaW, and when he did play with me I was so excited. Then we became better friends and promoted me to moderator, BEST DAY OF MY LIFE! Anyway, I could go on forever. CoDz will always hold a special place in my heart.
  3. GKNOVA6 Live Drop

    Good find! So any possibility of tracing the IP adresses on those Google threads?
  4. GKNOVA6 Live Drop

    Wait, isn't the phone blue not black?

    Try doing another Temporal Frequency Analysis
  6. Transmission 3 on GKNOVA6 is up!

    According to http://twitter.com/WePlayCoD/status/12616712206 , the third channel is up on http://www.gknova6.com . This is what _MaTtKs_ found from the transmission n1tgmv_GplU Let the deciphering BEGIN!
  7. Channel 2 on GKNOVA6 is up!

    So on of these coordinates lead to here: http://maps.google.ca/maps?hl=en&q=38.7 ... CAcQ8gEwAA And I immediately noticed that it was the entrance to Cheyenne Mountain which is a military base. Just so you know, this is NOT located in Wyoming, It is Cheyenne Mountain in Colorado Springs. You can read about it here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cheyenne_Mountain
  8. What is your favorite upgraded weapon??

    LMAO I was JUST gonna post that
  9. http://www.gknova6.com/

    If you haven't already, check this link out: viewtopic.php?f=16&t=123
  10. What is your favorite upgraded weapon??

    Remember when people on the CoD HQ forum used to think that the name of this gun was a stab at Infinity Ward :lol:
  11. Gosu is here

    Well as a Call of Duty fan i'll say I like both :ugeek: That's mind blowing to me... lol Welcome to our new forum buddy
  12. Gosu is here

    Hi Gosu. I have one really good question for you... Who do you like better... Treyarch or Infinity Ward
  13. Request userbars for your signatures

    Throw me a WePlayCoD one but instead of Admin, put Moderator.