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Outbreak Season 3 Intel

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Requiem (13/13)

Audio Logs (3)

"The Beacon" (Location: On Duga, in Chemical Processing on the second floor of the large building to the left.) - Grey muses on the origin of "the Beacon" and other strange devices found in the Outbreak Zones.


Grey: So - I've been thinking a bit about the Beacon. You know - the thing we've been casually using to move between different areas of the Outbreak zone?


Grey: Well, we don't know what it is - or who built it. Same goes for the funny little vending machines.


Grey: We think they're safe - certainly no one's lost anything while using them - but they are something of a peculiarity...


Grey: They appear to have been cobbled together from machine parts pulled from different time periods in our world - A bit of this from the '50s, a dash of that from the '60s, a sprinkle of something from the '80s... You get the idea.


Grey: It just doesn't really make sense them being here. Now - I've got a theory - and it is only a theory - that someone or... something in the Dark Aether has sent them here to help us.


Grey: Not sure, but definitely something to look into...


"Embarrassment of Riches" (Location: On Alpine, on the top floor of the lodge.) - Strauss relishes the increased Aetherium collections from the Ural Mountains and mentions some new opportunities created by this windfall.


Strauss: I was reviewing Aetherium production reports this morning, and... it seems we are running out of storage space.


Strauss: My, my. The worm has certainly turned for Energy Research, ever since we began operations in the Urals. I have more Aetherium now than I know what to do with, thanks mostly to my harvester units.


Strauss: This embarrassment of riches has allowed us to put several new projects into development, not least of which is Requiem's very own teleporter.


Strauss: Oh, it is not quite ready yet, but I would be my slide-rule that it will surpass the crude portals Dr. Peck slapped together in Vietnam.


Strauss: Then there is the new prototype from the weapons lab. Carver asks about it every day, like a child impatient for Christmas. *chuckles*


Strauss: Patience, Major. You shall have your new Wonder Weapon soon enough


"Doubts" (Location: On Duga, in the SAM Site, in the center of the central building.) - Weaver and Carver discuss their decision to cut off Maxis's communications with the strike team and their assessment of the risks she might pose.


Weaver: I wanted to ask - Do you have any doubts about the decisions we've made regarding Agent Maxis.


Carver: Doubts? As you know - in the military - doubts rarely do you any good after a decision has already been made.


Weaver: But does that mean you don't have them?


Carver: We all have doubts, Weaver. It's what makes us good at what we do. It's what makes us human. If we didn't have doubts we might as well just put a tactical computer program in charge of operations.


Weaver: I'm just worried that our decision to take away the radio she used to talk to the team could render her more... Unstable.


Carver: All the more reason to stick by the decision we made. Regardless of how useful she's been in the past, the last thing we need is instability within our chain of command.


Weaver: She's done so much for us. We wouldn't even be here if she hadn't risked her life to get us the Projekt Endstation footage.


Carver: I know... And I know how close you are to her. The most important thing we can do now is to make sure that she gets better... To make sure that she in no way compromises our mission. Of that, I have zero doubts.


Weaver: Thank you, Major. I appreciate your perspective.


Weaver: That'll be all.


Documents (4)

"Extraction Rocket Blueprint" (Location: Dropped from Elite enemies.) - Design specs for the rocket used to transport Aetherium payloads out of the Ural Mountains Outbreak Zone. With additional notes from Strauss.






Note 1:

Irrespective of the actions of my countrymen, I did sincerely hope my work would lead to a different world - a better world.




Note 2: 

Adapted from XMGM-134A "Midgetman" prototype (dreadful name). Fastest, safest way to extract Aetherium samples. Overland transport from the USSR out of the question.


Approved: Oskar Strauss

Date: 04/17/84


Call of Duty®_ Black Ops Cold War 2021-04-22 12-04-39.png


"Dark Aether Object Report" (Location: Dropped from Elite enemies.) - Official Requiem repot defining and classifying Dark Aether Objects.



29 September 1984


1. DEFINITION: DARK AETHER OBJECT (D.A.O.) is any object transmuted out of pure essence. These objects may be of any state of matter but are created from Dark Aethereal essence. A D.A.O. can come into existence through three methods: CREATION, MANIPULATION, and IMPERSONATION.


2. CREATION: CREATION refers to a D.A.O. manufactured directly from Essence, the bioenergy that animates all Dark Aether species. Using Energy Research's ESSENCE CONVERSION MODULES, we can syphon the essence from biological creatures and convert it into an object. Example: essence collected from an infected can be converted into the Cymbal Monkey Explosive Device.


3. MANIPULATION: MANIPULATION refers to a D.A.O. created when essence interacts with an existing object and transmutes it. We've encountered this phenomenon with the DARK AETHER RECON ROVER's simian specimens, where they will return altered, for example, in the form of sandbags or an apple crate.


4. IMPERSONATION: IMPERSONATION refers to a D.A.O. created by the Dark Aether species classified as MIMIC. This predator can temporarily transform itself into a D.A.O. to lure unsuspecting prey into its grasp. In this instance, the Mimic is altering its own essence to deceive those around it. It is unknown if this ability is restricted to the Mimic or if other creatures can also manipulate their own biochemistry for camouflage.


5. METHODOLOGY: Currently, Energy Research has no control over which Dark Aether Object will be created or manipulated, however it has been observed that the essence only generates objects it has previously encountered. Thus far, the only objects generated are other objects found within the Outbreak Zones. As the Dark Aether expands into our world, it is able to add new objects to its "genetic memory."


"Crate Memo" (Location: Dropped from Elite enemies.) - A memo prepared by Weaver summarizing all the different types of Dark Aether Cates encountered in the Outbreak Zone.


Marked September 12, 1984


FROM: Weaver

SUBJECT: Dark Aether Crates


Per your request, I've compiled a summary of all known Dark Aether Crates my strike team has encountered during their operations in the Ural Outbreak Zone. Currently, there are three classifications.


1) STANDARD: this refers to the crates found placed throughout the various regions of the Outbreak Zone. These crates contain munitions, equipment, and salvage. They come in three sizes, seemingly correlating directly to the quality of its resources. Small: poor, Large: high. They represent the most common of the three classifications.


2) PORTAL: Portal Crates fall from the Dark Aether through sky-breaches. Unlike the Standard classification, these crates are initially sealed. When our team interacts with them, hostiles swarm their location. Once all threats have been eliminated, the crate is unlocked, and provides resources of a higher quality than anything found in a Standard crate. It seems the reward is directly tied to a strike team's survival; once they demonstrate they are superior to their adversaries, they earn their reward.


3) DRAGON: Easily the most unusual, the Dragon crate comes from the Dragon Rocket Module, a Dark Aether construct that collects essence from infected subjects. The strike team must kill undead targets in the proximity of the module for the essence to be collected. After a predetermined period, the module returns to the Dark Aether, leaving behind a crate. Unlike the Portal classifications, the quality of this crate is dependent on the volume of essence provided.


All three classifications seem to support your theory: someone in the Dark Aether is trying to help us. Sometimes the method is unorthodox (collecting essence, trial by combat), but the end result equips our strike team with the tools necessary to survive.


The 'Who', 'How', and 'Why' remain a mystery, but there's some comfort knowing there's someone over there that may be on our side. For now, at least.


"E.C.M. Blueprint" (Location: Dropped from Elite enemies.) - Plans for the orbital units that convert zombie essence into Dark Aether Objects. With additional notes from Strauss.






Note 1:

The modules have proven effective at siphoning essence from infected specimens... provided Weaver's strike team does their part.


Note 2: 

How Essence Conversion can create so many different objects is one of many unanswered questions. We must discover the key to controlling this process.



Approved: Oskar Strauss

Date: 04/28/84




Radio Transmissions (3)

"Progress Update" (Location: ???) - Weaver congratulates the strike team for their successes during Operation Threshold.


Weaver: It may seem like our work in the Ural Mountains has just gotten started, but Langley already considers Operation Threshold a massive success.


Weaver: They said an ongoing operation in the heart of the Soviet Union was impossible. The logistics alone -- getting equipment and personnel in and out -- was enough of a challenge. But we got creative with the rockets, satellites, cargo drops... we even developed a way to refuel Raptor One mid-flight. A lot of dedicated people made this happen.


Weaver: Then there's the risk of triggering World War Three. Fortunately, both sides have a vested interest in keeping these outbreaks from the public. So anything short of a full-scale battle with Soviet forces can remain our little secret.


Weaver: Just be careful out there. What you've accomplished so far has enabled us to significantly catch up with Omega's Aetherium research. We haven't quite closed the gap yet, but I know you won't quit until we're ahead.


"A Visceral Process" (Location: ???) - Strauss gives the strike team a pat on the back while mentioning the challenges of charging up his new Essence Conversion Modules.


Strauss: I thought you'd like to know that our rocket retrieval crew in the North Atlantic have just recovered their one-hundredth payload of Aetherium collected in the Urals. Quite the milestone.


Strauss: Success was far from assured when Operation Threshold was still on the drawing board. Oh, I knew my Aetherium harvesters would function as designed. The hard part was bringing them back home where we could put it to good use. And we are putting it to very good use.


Strauss: My Essence Conversion Modules, on the other hand, require more direct participation from you. The creatures must be lured close and, ah... liberated of their essence. It is a rather visceral process, and the subsequent conversion of essence into objects can only be done within the Outbreak Zone. A dangerous endeavor, yes, but Major Carver assures me you are "up to the task"


Strauss: I suppose this is my way of saying we could not have gotten this far without you. No matter what technology we may employ, you are Requiem's most valuable asset. Bravo.


"Fish Out Of Water" (Location: ???) - Grey has some theories on the transformative effects of Dark Aether... and the fate of her test-monkeys.


Grey: Well.. We certainly do live in strange times, don't we?


Grey: First off, I wanted to thank you personally for your work on the Recon Rover missions. The lessons we're learning are going to prove invaluable as we move forward.


Grey: As you no doubt witnessed first hand, the specimens on board the Rover were physically 'transformed' after they passed into the Dark Aether.


Grey: We're trying to ascertain if this process is similar to what we saw with the creature we dubbed 'the Mimic' - but we're just not sure.


Grey: Or, were the specimens actually 'replaced' by other objects from the Dark Aether? If so - does that mean there are there now little monkeys lost in there?


Grey: Either way... It's a horrible thought.


Grey: The Rover did manage to transmit some audio and video recordings during its mission, but I really don't even want to get in to that right now.


Grey: Our working theory is that Aetherium functions in the other dimension like oxygen does in our own. That would explain why the infected can't move beyond the Outbreak Zone - If they did, they just wouldn't be able to survive... Like a fish out of water.


Grey: Last thing - Do let us know if you start to experience any strange symptoms or feel that you yourselves are... er... 'changing' in any way?


Grey: I honestly wouldn't want you to go through anything like whatever the poor Monkeys did...


Grey: Bless their little furry socks.


Artifacts (3)

"Energy Mine Canister" (Location: On Sanatorium, on the roof of the smaller building at the Mechanic Shop.) - One of several interchangeable canisters for the W.A.N.D. weapon. Manipulates Aetherium to create an energy blast that detonates on enemy proximity.


Call of Duty®_ Black Ops Cold War 2021-04-22 08-26-45.png


"Essence Explosive" (Location: On Duga, inside a small building near the Bunkers.) - A powerful breaching explosive used by Requiem to clear obstructions and destroy Aetherium Power Nodes.


Call of Duty®_ Black Ops Cold War 2021-04-22 09-17-18.png


"Requiem Patch" (Location: On Sanatorium, on the tiny dock left of the bridge.) - Shoulder patch worn by Requiem's elite strike team.


Call of Duty®_ Black Ops Cold War 2021-04-22 08-26-51.png



Omega (14/14)

Audio Logs (4)

"Leadership Techniques" (Location: On Duga, in the Admin Offices in a conference room.) - Kravchenko reveals to Valentina why he altered the purpose of Operatsiya Inversiya.


Kravchenko: --Just a moment. 22nd of July, 1984. Commencing meeting.


Kravchenko: Valentina. Sit. Please.


Valentina: You said you wanted to see me?


Kravchenko: Doctor, how do you find my leadership techniques?


Valentina: ...efficient... effective. You produce results.


Kravchenko: ...and you would agree that should be our goal, da? To produce results. Above all else.


Valentina: Of course, Colonel. What is this about?


Kravchenko: It occurred to me you have said very little about my... "commandeering" of Operatsiya Inversiya.


Valentina: Sir?


Kravchenko: Come now. It was your project. Until I swooped in and... snatched it from you. You must be upset. Angry.


Valentina: I am, above all else, loyal to Omega. While it is true you have--


Valentina: --"adjusted" its parameters, if you believe it is the correct course of action, you have my full support.


Kravchenko: I already had that. Give me your honesty. You must have questions.


Kravchenko: Speak freely.


Valentina: ...where did I fail? When I brought it to the Committee, they seemed impressed. Did my targets present too great a risk? Was my plan too ambitious?


Kravchenko: Too ambitious?


Kravchenko: You were not ambitious enough! But that is not a failing of yours. There is much you do not know.


Kravchenko: My intelligence tells me there is something out there. It is watching our world, looking for a way in. If it finds one... we must be ready.


Kravchenko: Rest assured. The West will be ours. But first... we must face the wolf at the door.


Valentina: As always, I follow your orders. I am committed to our cause. We were the first--


Kravchenko: --And we are the last. Very good.


Kravchenko: Without you, my Operatsiya Inversiya would not exist.


Valentina: Always happy to build a solid foundation, Colonel.


"This Isn't My Work" (Location: On Duga, in the Research Labs.) - Peck, Gorev and Valentina study the remains of a Krasny Soldat, and are shaken by the results.


Gorev: This better be good, Comeback Kid.


Valentina: If it is not, Gorev, at the very least it will be amusing.


Peck: Funny. Come over here, hold this retractor.


Peck: Almost... got it. Here. Look at this.


Valentina: An Omega ID badge?


Peck: Lieutenant Kazakov. Omega Armored Division at Outpost 25. He--


Valentina: --he escorted the Aethernauts in one of your tank suits, yes, I saw the blueprint. What is your point?


Gorev: I am confused as well. We have seen this before. We lose men in Dark Aether, they come back with bad skin rash. This Krasny Soldat is no different than others we have seen transformed by Aetherium.


Peck: Ah! See. That is what I thought as well. You're half-right.


Gorev: I have never been half-anything, Peck.


Peck: Ok ok... Now just a sec. This is one of our men. And the armor is very similar... but it is not the same. Look at the color. The design. This isn't my work.


Valentina: He came back with it.


Peck: And as far as I know, Aetherium crystals rot your brain, they can't give your car a new coat of paint.


Peck: Someone's upgrading them. Over there.


Gorev: We keep this between us for now. The Colonel... has developed "fiery" new ideas. I do not wish to add more kindling. Understood?


Gorev: Good. Peck: see that this "thing" is destroyed.


"Witching Hour" (Location: On Ruka, at the missile silos, outside a white building with an "A" on it.) - Peck records some late-night thoughts about his increasingly disturbing discoveries.


Peck: Peck. Personal log. September 3rd, 1984... 2:35 AM. The Witching Hour approaches.


Peck: Cheers.


Peck: It's been nearly two months since my arrival. Work on the Inversion Warheads proceed as planned. Operations continue to run smoothly, but...


Peck: Damn it all, you're right, Peck. You're always right. That's not what this is about.


Peck: Look... too many sleepless nights. Maybe it's too much time down here in the deep... in the darkness. I could go to the surface, but there... there are things up there science just can't explain.


Peck: The demonic echoes that keep tormenting my staff... an aethereal orb that...


Peck: I don't know, it cries out with the laughter of children? It's enough to drive a man insane.


Peck: Ugh. Not that I'm insane. No no, I'm holding it together. Nothing to worry about here. Old noggin's good.


Peck: But we keep trying to bend this reality to work for us. We mine and pilfer for resources to build our weapons and warheads... we really have no clue what we're dealing with, do we?


Peck: I mean, one second this place is trying to kill you, the next it's dropping treasure chests out of the sky. Am I crazy, or... or are we vastly underestimating the powers in play?


Peck: I found one of those computers. From the... from the Dark Aether. Omega's studied them, but don't have much to show for it.


Peck: But I've... I've spoken to someone. Someone on the other side.


Peck: I haven't told the others. Need to be careful. Keep my cards close to my chest.


Peck: After all, knowledge is power.

"His Plan, Our Plan" (Location: On Sanatorium, on the roof of the Sanatorium on one of the highest raised structures.) - Valentina discusses a strange visit -- and a shared destiny.


Valentina: 16th of August. 1984. Personal log.


Valentina: He visited me again tonight. As I slept, he appeared before me. He is but a shadow to me. So close yet so far. He told me to have faith. I must stay the course.


Valentina: There were recent developments last month that were... unanticipated. He assured me that all was not lost. His plan, our plan, is still on schedule.


Valentina: He had... new instructions for me. I will se that they are completed.


Valentina: We will be reunited. We will rise again. Our destiny is all but assured.



Documents (4)

"Boost Module Report" (Location: Dropped from elite enemies) - Official Omega Group report on the placement of Boost Modules in the Ural Mountains Outbreak Zone.


Progress Report:

Ural Mountains Breach - Boost Module Installation


As our operations continue to grow in the Ural Mountains Breach, it has been brought to my attention that our teams' mobility around the regions is greatly restricted. While convoys and security escorts are possible, delays and uncertainties with time-sensitive deliveries have rendered the more traditional transportation methods inefficient. As a result, we decided to explore more creative solutions - after all, if we are meant to be at the forefront of science, our technology should not be as unreliable or frustrating as waiting for Trolleybus B at the Red Square.


Normally we might consider teleportation, but due to Phasic interference and the regions' dimensional instabilities, Dr. Peck does not recommend teleporter use at this time. This has led us to an unconventional solution: the installation of the Boost Modules. Using the design blueprints recovered from Outpost 25, these have been assembled and deployed at strategic placements around the Outbreak Zone. Unfortunately, the design for the landing pads was lost with Outpost 25. As such, we recommend all personnel equip themselves with a parachute before use, as it dramatically improves the likelihood of survival (28% fatality rate with parachute versus 95% without. Dr. Sokolov is a lucky man.)


In the two weeks since their installation was completed, work efficiency is up 60% due to time saved on travel. While the fatality rate is close to 30%, it is an improvement over the 38.7% we were experiencing with standard transport. Also, most recent fatalities have  been the result of user error, not machine failure. If anything, we have improved transportation and natural selection. 



Spetsgruppa Omega

"Phase Report" (Location: Acquired from Elite enemies.) - Official Omega Group report on the Dark Aetheric energy barrier.


Marked: 01 July of the year 1984


Progress Report:

Ural Mountains Breach - Phasic Threat Assessment


Colonel, in response to your concerns about "The Phase," I dispatched two survey teams to study the phenomenon. As with Outpost 25's outbreak, this phasic energy barrier has proven quite lethal, with a significant impact on our operations. You have seen the reports of soldiers trapped inside, driven to insanity, violence, and, ultimately, death. Even in the case of my own survey teams, two men were lost. For those who did return, they have posited some... "illuminating" theories.


Firstly, the Phase is not simply a perimeter wall. It represents a deadly "No Man's Land" connecting the many regions of the Outbreak Zone. As one of my officers put it, "imagine the Outbreak Zone were an ocean, with each region representing islands - The Phase is the water surrounding, and linking them all." Take that for what you will.


Second, the Phase is being maintained by crystalline structures. Aetherium Processors. These structures pump large quantities of Aetherium into the environment, chemically altering the oxygen (along with other elements) in the area. This is the reason why our men cannot survive inside the Phase: the environmental conditions have been rendered uninhabitable. Dr. Peck believes the Phase is "terraforming in action," the Dark Aether's attempt to make our world hospitable for its own kind.


One final observation: as the survey team was studying the barrier in Ruka, they observed the Phase wall grow approximately 100 micrometers. It seems - however slowly - the Phase is expanding. We will continue to monitor.



Spetsgruppa Omega 


"Krasny Soldat Blueprint" (Location: Acquired from elite enemies.) - Design document detailing the structure and purpose of Omega Group's power armor.





Created in response to multiple incident reports, the Red Soldier Mechanized Armor is designed so its operator can provide protection for Aethernaut mining teams operating in the Dark Aether. Outpost 25 will serve as the proving grounds for the armor. If initial tests prove successful, Omega plans to expand the use of the armor in other outbreak zones and operations.


14 March 1984

[name removed] Dr. Dimitri Kuhlklay

Dr. William Peck


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"Valentina Diary Entry" (Location: Dropped from Elite enemies".) - Excerpt from Valentina's personal diary.


22 July 84


Another meeting with Kravchenko today. More insight into his new proposal. It would seem our vision for Operatsiya Inversiya is no more - and tha this new plan may threaten that which we have worked so hard to achieve. it is no matter. I must remain resolute. All is not lost. Yet.


So many years. He has waited long for this day. But he can keep waiting. Just a little bit longer. There is no reason to rush. No need to provoke the bear. I must only find the opportunity to prevent the discovery. Perhaps the Captain could be useful after all. To derail their plan.


I must stay focused. Stay committed. I've dedicated everything to aid his struggle. I must wait for him to give me the signal. When the time is right, I will know.


After all these years, after all my loyalty, after all I've sacrificed, he owes me that much.




Radio Transmissions (3)

"Uncle" (Location: ???) - Valentina checks on Peck's progress and recounts a story about her childhood.


Valentina: Hello Peck--it seems like you're finally settling in. Back in "groove," as it were.


Peck: Yeah, well, "the Groove" used to have 20/20 vision.


Valentina: *Tsk-tsk*. You Americans are so soft and spoiled.


Valentina: Life is full of pain, Peck. After my Father died, my uncle took me in. He was cruel, did not believe woman should have education. Made me work in his factory.


Valentina: So what did I do? Every night I snuck into library and I read. Biochemistry, microbiology, physics. At sixteen, I was accepted at university.


Valentina: If I can survive childhood, you can survive little eye problem.


Peck: Valentina, I had no idea.


Peck: How did you convince your uncle to let you go to school?


Valentina: Convince him? When he found out, he tried to imprison me in basement, so I slit his throat.


Peck: Ah, of couse.


Peck: ... let me assure you, we're making excellent progress. Harnessing those crystalline creatures has certainly sped up development.


Valentina: Is that so? I trust you are taking appropriate security measures. 


Peck: Hey now. I only lost my eye, not my attention to detail.


Valentina: Is that supposed to be a joke?


Peck: I uh... I thought so.


Valentina: Just send me a report on your latest security protocols.


Valentina: And that facility blueprint I asked for


Peck: Yeah. Sure.


"Made Of Fire" (Location: ???) - Peck demands that Gorev do something about a Demented Echo haunting the Omega facility.


Gorev: Comeback Kid. One of my birds said you were looking for me.


Peck: You're goddamn right, I was. I need your security teams to prioritize these, these...


Peck: These fucking things! I've lost three scientists this week.


Gorev: Oh-ho-ho, slow down, William. Take breath. You sound like my son when he breaks toy.


Gorev: Now tell me what has happened. But in calm, rational voice. Like adult man.


Peck: Look. Infected, I can handle. Undead dogs? Sure. Crystalline men? No problem.


Peck: But these... these damned demon echoes.


Gorev: I have heard of this creature. It can summon friends to its position. Loud scream. Made of fire.


Peck: Yeah, well, one got the jump on Doctor Leonov while he was taking a leak. You ever see that? It summon a dozen "friends" while you're in the john? Custodial spent two days cleaning up what was left of him.


Gorev: What are you asking for, Doctor? What can I do to make you... "happy man?"


Peck: Just. Just have your men do sweeps for these Echoes. The Colonel has accelerated our delivery schedule for the warheads. We cannot afford any more delays.

"Chasing Ghosts" (Location: ???) - Gorev and Valentina are growing concerned about Peck's new obsession.


Gorev: I am growing concerned, is all. His behavior since coming here has been erratic.


Valentina: Peck has always had his quirks. You know this.


Gorev: Yes, but he is more skittish than usual. He is talking to himself. He spends all day and night in that silo.


Valentina: Do you suspect Aetherium exposure?


Gorev: It is hard to say. He has developed new obsession. You have seen strange computer, yes?


Valentina: Exoscience disassembled one. We are struggling to make sense of it. Its mechanisms are... complex.


Gorev: Our American friend talks to it.


Valentina: I have heard of others who do this. It is like moth and flame. They are drawn to it, but do not know why.


Gorev: Apparently it talks back to Peck.


Valentina: Does the Colonel know this?


Gorev: Nyet. I was going to draft report--


Valentina: --hold for now. Give me a few days. Let me investiate.


Gorev: Saves me paper work. I have little interest in chasing ghosts.


Artifacts (3)

"Mangler Cannon" (Location: On Ruka, near the train bridge, between a tree and the concrete structure at the beginning of the track.) - The fearsome arm-cannon recovered from a fallen enemy known as the Mangler.


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"Peck's ID Badge" (Location: On Sanatorium, in the bathhouse on shelf in the center of the room.) - Peck's official Omega Group ID. He hates the photo.


Call of Duty®_ Black Ops Cold War 2021-04-22 08-27-05.png


"Boost Module Monitor" (Location: On Duga, in the Admin Offices.) - Make sure the settings are calibrated, or you're in for a rough landing!


Call of Duty®_ Black Ops Cold War 2021-04-22 08-27-08.png


Maxis (9/9)

Audio Logs (5)

"It's Always Dark" (Location: On Duga, in the third Bunker from the left looking at the entrances.) - Grey asks Maxis about her time in the Dark Aether and the outbreak at Outpost 25.


Maxis: Hello Elizabeth.


Grey: How did you know it was me?


Maxis: I don't know what Strauss and Carver get up to in their personal lives, but as far as I know - You're the only one who wears heels.


Grey: How are you doing, Sam? Have any more memories... come back?


Maxis: About my time in the Dark Aether? Only what you already know. It's mostly a blur - Scavenging supplies by day, fighting for my life by night.


Maxis: Not that it matters - it's always dark over there.


Grey: I am sorry. I really am.


Grey: Have I said that before? If I didn't - I really meant to.


Maxis: If you're here to ask me if I was the one who made all this happen - the answer is no. I didn't make the outbreak zones.


Grey: But it... almost sounded like you had 'some' control over the creatures at Outpost 25.


Maxis: I may have helped 'open the door', but that doesn't mean I was in control.


Grey: How can you be sure if you don't really remember?


Maxis: I'm no stranger to memory loss - my childhood is almost a complete blank - but that doesn't mean I don't know who I am and what I've done.


Grey: You really don't remember anything prior to the orphanage? Who looked after you? Before? After?


Maxis: Be careful, Lizzie - You shouldn't expect anyone to look after you. Only you can do that.


Grey: I'm... gonna go now... If that's okay?


Maxis: Of course.


*pause as Grey leaves*


Maxis: This is the only way.


"Outbursts" (Location: On Duga, in one of the houses at the Farm.) - Weaver visits Maxis after she had an incident with a nurse.


Weaver: Hello, Sam.


Maxis: Hello, Weaver.


Weaver: I was... hoping we could talk about yesterday.


Maxis: What happened yesterday?


Weaver: You don't remember?


Maxis: It's hard to keep things straight in my mind... Especially with the cocktail of drugs you're giving me... every day.


Weaver: It's for your own good, Sam. We just want to help. Your 'outbursts' are a cause for concern- You must understand that.


Weaver: The nurse was only trying to do his job.


Maxis: Broken noses will heal.


Maxis: Besides - the 'medications' don't help. They don't stop the dreams.


Weaver: What dreams?


Maxis: What do I dream of?


Maxis: I keep dreaming that I'm in the field - Fighting for something. Over and over again.


Weaver: Sam, you understand that we - I - can't let that happen... not yet.


Maxis: Do you think there's something wrong with me?


Maxis: Is there something wrong with me?


Weaver: Get some rest, Sam. It's important that you feel better.


"A New Friend" (Location: On Gorlova, in the bottom floor towards the back of the church building.) - Weaver introduces Maxis to her new companion.


Weaver: Sam?


Maxis: ...Yes.


Weaver: There's someone I'd like you to meet. Someone I think might help you feel better.


Maxis: I'm in a white, sterile room, Weaver. I'm not sure who - or what - you think is going to make me feel better.


Maxis: I've already met Gray, Strauss and Carver... Who's next?


*sound of man grunting as door opens, Sam begins to laugh*


Weaver: I thought you might appreciate making a new friend. Someone who won't ask you any more questions. Someone who doesn't want anything other than to make you happy.


Maxis: Seriously?


Maxis: He's not exactly... fluffy, is he?


Weaver: She. She's a she. I get that the short hair and large build doesn't look too cuddly, but I thought her being here might be good for you - Some companionship while you...


Weaver: Recover.


Weaver: Dogs can be very comforting. They're empathetic. They pick up on your emotions.


Weaver: They feel what you feel.


Maxis: So you brought me a... rottweiler?


Weaver: Yes - I brought you a rottweiler. She's not dangerous. She would never hurt anyone.


Maxis: Why are you saying this?


Weaver: Because I trust you, Sam - and I need you to know that.


Maxis: You don't think I'm dangerous?


Weaver: I want you to work out who you are - for yourself.


Weaver: But - Maybe you should... start keeping a diary - just to get down your thoughts.


Maxis: What makes you think I haven't been doing that already?


Weaver: Take care of yourself, Sam - and the dog.


Weaver: We'll talk soon.


"Isolated" (Location: In Golova, in a building in Upper Town.) - Maxis laments being kept in isolation, unable to contact the strike team.


Maxis: I wish I was there with you - in the Ural Mountains - Fighting back. Trying to make sure we don't lose ourselves completely...


Maxis: But, no - I am here. Not where I should be. Not where I want to be. You won't even hear me. They took my radio.


Maxis: I am isolated. Alone.


Maxis: No. Not alone. I do have a friend - someone who cares about me.


Maxis: But... I don't even know her name.


Maxis: You are doing the right thing. That's what matters.


Maxis: What you do matters.


Maxis: We will catch up - We have to believe that.


"Someone We Can Trust (Location: On Duga, in one of the big buildings at Warehouses.) - Maxis shares some thoughts about Ravenov.


Maxis: Despite what Omega are, I know there are good Russians out there...


Maxis: None of us should be defined by our nationality... Our Race... Our gender...


Maxis: Ravenov is someone we can trust.


Maxis: I think I know a way to get in contact with him...


Maxis: He can help us.


Maxis: He can help me.


Maxis: We can do this.


Maxis: Together.


Artifacts (4)

Maxis's Katana (Location: On Duga, at the Farm, in a shed.) - A grim souvenir from Maxis's time spent trapped in the Dark Aether. Very well used.


Call of Duty®_ Black Ops Cold War 2021-04-22 09-17-30.png


"Maxis's Scarf" (Location: On Duga, at the Listening Post on a rack.) - A useful accessory to keep from whiffing plaguehound gas.


Call of Duty®_ Black Ops Cold War 2021-04-22 11-03-00.png


"Maxis's Goggles" (Location: On Sanatorium, on a table at the Market Square.) - Worn while Maxis was trapped in the Dark Aether. A useful accessory for keeping aetherium particles out of the eyes.


Call of Duty®_ Black Ops Cold War 2021-04-22 09-17-40.png

"Maxis's Watch" (Location: On Golova, in Lower West Town on top of the big blue building.) - They say time has no meaning in the Dark Aether, but Maxis still kept track of it with this.


Call of Duty®_ Black Ops Cold War 2021-04-22 20-21-39.png


Dark Aether (12/12)

Audio Logs (3)

"Lost Souls: Fedorov 1" (Location: Acquired from the Intel computer.) - A lost Omega soldier describes feeding the dragon head.


Fedorov: Adrik Fedorov, efreitor, Omega Group. *weary sigh* Why do I still call myself that? Why do I even keep making these reports?


Fedorov: I lost track how long I have been here. Surely it has been years. There used to be more people here. Lost, like me. But so many are gone now -- food for the dragon.


Fedorov: Yes. A dragon. That is also a rocket ship. *nervous laugh* I don't even try to make sense of these things any more.


Fedorov: What I know for sure is the dragon must be bed. It demands sustenance. And then it delivers this banquet of souls to the One.


Fedorov: I... do not like to even speak of the One, but his shadow falls over us all, and we must pay tribute.


Fedorov: At first we sacrificed the weak. Strangers, friends, it did not matter. Then, we who still remained began hunting each other...


Fedorov: I... I have to go. It is hungry again -- I have to go!


"Lost Souls: Fedorov 2" (Location: Acquired from the Intel computer.) - A lost Omega soldier describes an aethereal orb he encountered.


Fedorov: Fedorov. Efreitor. Omega. Still here. Still recording...


Fedorov: When I first arrived, many things frightened me. I would not admit this, of course. I was Spetsnaz. We feared nothing. But, still...


Fedorov: Anyone who has to fight and kill a comrade... who died a week before... and then tells you they felt no fear? Yerunda.


Fedorov: But what disturbed me most in those early days was the ball of light that sounds like children laughing.


Fedorov: What was it? What was it made from? The souls of dead children? Did it... did it consume children? Did it use their laughter as a lure? None of the possibilities were good. Bozhe moi, it disturbed me.


Fedorov: But, you know... I stopped seeing it after a while. I began to think I had just dreamed it up. And then, just yesterday, there it was. Giggling.


Fedorov: And I found... I was not scared anymore. I was just... sad. I will never again hear that sound for real. I will never have children of my own. I will never, ever know such innocence again.


Fedorov: And now I have my answer. I know what the orb is made of. It is made of heartbreak. It is made of loss.


"Lost Souls: Fedorov 3" (Location: Acquired from the Intel computer.) - A lost Omega soldier is slowly turning into something shocking.


Fedorov: Fedorov... efreitor... This... may be my last recording.


Fedorov: I have not felt like... myself in a very long time. I know the change is upon me. I have seen it in too many others... to not recognize it in myself.


Fedorov: Began with mouth... tasting like battery. Then my skin turned... bluish... and started to crack.


Fedorov: At first... I shed flakes of skin. Then... I noticed the flakes... were made of crystals. *coughs*


Fedorov: I know what I am becoming.


Fedorov: The One... has chosen me. He is making me... into one of his soldiers.


Fedorov: The... crystals they... They call to me now. I try to stay away, but... the more I change... the more I need them... *coughs/growls*


Documents (3)

"Day 1" (Location: Acquired from the Intel computer.) - Newly stranded in the Dark Aether, Zykov begins keeping a journal.


Day 1: Sgt. Kazimir Zykov, 1st Guards Tank Army. I am separated from my unit and do not know if I can ever rejoin them. I will maintain this written record of what happens to me in case I do not survive.


I was ordered to deactivate experimental machine at a German science installation Projekt Endstation in Poland. The device had opened a gateway to another world. A place of darkness.


After several attempts, I realized I could only close this breach from the other side. So, I completed the mission, cutting myself off from everything and everyone I have ever known.


This is a truly hostile place. Unless I find food and shelter, my prospects look bleak.


"Day 3" (Location: Acquired from the Intel computer.) - Zykov describes the strange land he's trapped in, and the horrors that prowl it.


Day 3: This place is like a living nightmare. It almost seems thrown together from many different points in history. There are items here that appear ancient, alongside mechanisms that look like they came from... the future? It is madness.


Many horrors prowl this land. Some are like the creatures I fought at Endstation, but others are far worse. So far, I have managed to hide and conserve ammunition, but for how long?


I glimpsed another human soul today, but they ran when they saw me. I swear it was not just another walking corpse. Sadly, I could not find them again.


Fear is my only companion now.


"Day 7" (Location: Acquired from the Intel computer.) - Zykov begins to lose hope as anger consumes him.


Day 7: It is finally beginning to sink in. I will never leave this place. No one is coming for me. I will live out whatever is left of my life in miserable, soul-crushing darkness.


What have I done? Why did I throw my life away like this? Because I was foolish enough to believe in our common cause? Or was I just a convenient pawn for the Soviet Union to sacrifice?


That bastard, Colonel Lazarev! He knew I would accept this suicide mission. What choice did I have? He made it seem like an act of heroism, but I am no hero. Just a lamb to slaughter.


For one brief moment I felt noble. Now I have lost nearly everything. All I have left... is rage.


Radio Transmissions (3)

"Who I Am" (Location: Acquired from the Intel computer.) - The Stranger finally reveals his identity to the strike team.


Zykov: My friend, though we have never met, you and I have been through the fire together. You won my respect -- and my trust. So it is only right I tell you who I am.


Zykov: My name is Kazimir Zykov. I am -- I was -- a sergeant in the Soviet 1st Guards Tank Army. Long, long ago.


Zykov: We were in Poland, driving the Nazi scum back to Berlin. That is how I ended up where this all began.


Zykov: We found Projekt Endstation almost by accident. And you know what waited in that place.


Zykov: When Moscow sent a Chekist to bury the problem, it fell to me to do the digging.


Zykov: I will tell the whole story one day. What matters now is that -- just like you -- I accepted a mission no one must ever learn of, knowing it would probably get me killed.


Zykov: And, like me, you shoulder your duty without complaining. So let us help each other complete the mission. We can survive this... together.


"Great Patriotic" (Location: Acquired from the Intel computer.) - Zykov recounts why he accepted the mission to shut down Projekt Endstation.


Zykov: Back in the Great Patriotic War, mine was among the Red Army units that crippled the Nazi war machine on the Eastern Front. Then we chased the bastards out of the Motherland and across Europe.


Zykov: I was a mechanic. I kept our tanks running. No easy task when every day we advanced, and getting new parts from Moscow was almost impossible.


Zykov: So I took parts from the Tigers and Panzers we destroyed, adapting them for our T-34s. I got very familiar with German machinery. This would prove to be my downfall.


Zykov: A colonel named Lazarev from what you now call "KGB" was sent to contain the evil we uncovered at Endstation. He ordered me to go in there alone, because I had the best chance of understanding and shutting down that infernal machine. And then Lazarev ordered me sealed inside.


Zykov: I understood what was asked of me. I would never see my wife and daughter again. Still, I saluted and I did my best. This was for my family, my country... for a better future. Even now, if asked again, I would still say, "yes."


"Tethered" (Location: Acquired from the Intel computer.) - Zykov discusses enduring the Dark Aether, unable to escape.


Zykov: So. You are wondering how a tank mechanic from the war survived for decades trapped in -- what do you call it? -- the Dark Aether.


Zykov: I often ask myself the same thing. The answers are many. Some I have already given you in my journal. The fort I built. The weapons I found. The machines I restored. And, of course, my dog Cinder.


Zykov: But mostly I was lucky. The rest is because I am Russian. It is in our nature to endure.


Zykov: But I never lost my desire to escape. To come home. To learn what became of my family.


Zykov: As you saw in my journal, I have been able to visit for brief periods, almost like a ghost. But always I am pulled back here.


Zykov: I do not know why I am tethered to this place. I see your people cross back and forth freely.. and I burn with envy. There must be a way for me to one day do the same.


Zykov: For now, I will share more of my journal with you. There are things in it you should know. For both our sakes.


Artifacts (3)

"Empty Speed Cola" (Location: On Sanatorium, in one of the Vacation Homes.) - An opened can of Speed Cola. Most likely used by an operator whose hands were slow, and movement was sluggish -- they lacked speed, which brought them anguish.


Call of Duty®_ Black Ops Cold War 2021-04-22 09-17-50.png

Call of Duty®_ Black Ops Cold War 2021-04-22 09-17-56.png


"Dragon Head Trophy" (Location: On Alpine, in the Lodge. On the second floor, left if looking at Pack-a-Punch on the first floor.) - A mystifying stone replica of the Dragon head. Appears to be hand-carved -- and very old.


Call of Duty®_ Black Ops Cold War 2021-04-22 09-18-06.png


"Broken Essence Capsule" (Location: On Duga, on the secondary array, second floor from the top, on a beam.) - A broken capsule leaking raw essence. Warning: aetherium exposure possible. Report any unusual symptoms to Unnatural Sciences.


Call of Duty®_ Black Ops Cold War 2021-04-22 09-18-01.png


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All intel is now there except Sam's last Artifact (Probably her watch).

Maxis's watch is on the roof of the building with the workbench in Golova


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