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  1. Hello i Will Finish My lvl 170 Challenge on Season 3 I cant find this Stormbolt in Outbreak I need Help pls For this Challenge on the Pic!
  2. Have on Ruka at the rocket silos are on the left of the elevator building where the green containers are on the left there is an audio Intel
  3. So I have all intels except 2 pieces from the Challenge PC the two have been buggy since the Season 2 Realoded Update you can do the tasks on the Challenge PC but you go out so successful collection you don't get the two intels displayed! I Hope this is better
  4. This 2 Intels from Season 2 Realoded Update on the Dark Aether Challenge PC is Not working i can make this Intel Finish and when have round Finish we have Not the Intels Transmission become ! This is Shit .... I need Help pls sry for my Bad Englisch
  5. The Zombie Grad is Not More in-game for the Artefakts found IT ..... He is Patch Out ! My Intels say 36/39 and for the Patch 37/40 ! Zombie Head is Not More a Artefakt!
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