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Thoughts on the new points system


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I've been playing a lot of Die Machine and I had a thought about the point system.
Would like to hear other opinions and feedback!

The new system means point guns are essentially useless.
There is no need to use any automatic weapons.
You get the same points for headshotting with a shotgun as you do for kills with automatic weapons.
So there is no need to carry a second weapon.
Even if you run out of ammo on your shotgun you just buy more from an ammo crate.

This means that shotguns are the only weapon the player ever needs.

With the old system you would carry a shotgun for path clearance, to escape sticky situations and for Panzers.
You would also carry an automatic weapon for killing hoards and building up points.
The new system has broken this aspect of gameplay. 

Would love to hear some other opinions. 

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Yeah have to agree, with points only being rewarded for gibs and kills it's kind of hard to justify anything over the heavy damage dealers like Shotguns/Snipers/Launchers + Knife. Really sucks how that is a drawback when bleeding out on high rounds and coming back, however the boost to points you receive when coming back from death sort of mitigates that while also giving another drawback - sometimes it feels more productive to down and bleed out fully than get revived. Why bother getting revived with 500 points when I can respawn next round with 30000 points instead of suffering for the next few rounds trying to get those points back?

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