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G cipher solved


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Attention K:
P confirms viability of deployment. Opportunity identified in previous communique.
Selected site is approved for trial run of Operatsiya inversiya.
The nature of warfare is about to transform. Any mission, anytime, anyplace.


Cipher type: Hill cipher (3x3)


7 16 1
18 1 2
18 0 3


Solved by: Me (Richkiller)
Note 1: "Operatsiya inversiya" seems to translate from Russian to "Operation inversion".
Note 2: The cipher was padded with the letter Z at the end so that the length of the cipher will divide in 3 (this is a standard process that goes in certain ciphers).
While it is technically possible the cipher ends with GZ and not G, it seems unlikely at the moment.
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Nice work Richkiller! So we have someone named 'K', a 'P' and a 'G'? May be new characters, but regarding that Drakovich is involved in the campaign could K stand for Kravchenko and G for Gorki?


The Operation Inversion got me. Where could it reference to? Using @RadZakpak's Die Maschine intel thread, it appears that the Nazi scientists worked on uranium enrichment, particle colliders and something called 'the Cyclotron', most likely the massive device found in the underground facility. As @clueless discussed here it could be this dimension's version of Die Glocke, opening a rift directly into the Dark Aether, causing breaches all over the globe


Weaver: Strike team. Weaver here. I understand this has been a lot to take in. Interdimensional breaches all over the world, an infection transforming people into the undead, not exactly a great two weeks for any of us.


According to Wikipedia, enriched uranium in Nazi-Germany was attempted to be created via gascentrifuge, unlike the Americans which achieved enriched uranium via gasdiffusion. Maybe this was the initial aim of the Cyclotron, to enrich natural uranium by colliding two particles via this massive centrifuge/particle collider thing. But rather than creating enriched uranium, they created 'Exo-element 1'. The fact they call it an 'exo-element' gives me the feeling it is something different than a normal element (which is a neutron+proton in the nucleus with electrons rotating around): Maybe the electron is a positron in case of exo-element, leading to it becoming the opposite of normal matter. Sounds fitting to a negative dimension, if you Ask me. Anyhow, this exo-element 1 was being used to found the terrible dimension that laid beyond: the Dark Aether. Perhaps this is why the Soviet operation is called ‘Operation Inversion’: it concerns an inversed element, antimatter and a negative dimension?


Thing I keep asking myself: Is the location relevant? We know Morasko was a place where the Germans discovered meteorites in WW1. Has the extraterrestial metals they found in it something to do with the operations running there?

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