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Travelling the New World - Pentagon Message Intercepted

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"Sir, our urgent message has reached the Pentagon and while reluctant they are willing to proceed."

"That's good to hear, Private. Do they have an ETA?"

"Within the hour. However, someone else has managed to intercept our message."

"Let them, nobody outside Broken Arrow or the Pentagon will be able to break three-layered encryptions, not even Jason Hudson was able to."

"That's the thing, sir. The signal was intercepted by Broken Arrow tech."


"That's not all, take a look at where the data traces back to."

"How, how is this possible?"



Ascension 21 19 22 4 24 1 10 1 7 11 1 12 24 3 4 9 17 6 7 19 23 7 15 17 6 1 4 21 20 3 10



qpmgz nblcf bnxig ebwdu wecrm


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okay so the first cipher is not exactly 3-layered given the plaintext of the second cipher.



Scourge spreading nuclear response



Answer is given by applying that plaintext additively, which is guessable given the first ciphertext and second plaintext having the same length
and then vigenere with key= "DEFCON ONE"


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@RichKiller Is there any kind of location included in it? Since it sais "look where the data traces back to"

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Good things to those who wait

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