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Phone Quality of Life Fix?



Hi wonderful folk running this show!


I'm running into a QOL issue with using my Android phone. When I'm typing, the 'notifications and such' bar is just above the keyboard, which is fine. But this means that whatever I start to type moves behind that bar and I can't see it without constantly dragging the screen up. Ugh...annoying.


Can we adjust the phone typing cursor up by the height of the bar so that this issue is gone? 


If so, and it's a simple enough fix, then 'please and thank you' for doing so.


Have a beautiful day or more.

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Yes, it does. Apparently only the red carbon has the notification bar issue. The other 2 don't. 


Also "theme" location moves from theme to theme.


Can the notification bar be moved?

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Typo and question
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43 minutes ago, Slade said:

Weird I'm on Android but no issues here. 

Did you do the Red Carbon (default) theme? That's the one that's doing it.


I do lots of edits and jumping around my wall of text posts, so try this: move the cursor anywhere, then bring it back down to the end of your text. As you get past a certain amount (like right now, I'm texting behind the notifications bar) it goes down below the notifications bar. You just have to type enough and it should occur.


Thanks for the reply and trying to help. Go text a paragraph or 3 on Red Carbon theme and see if you end up behind it.

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56 minutes ago, Hells Warrrior said:

I'll have a look, I don't have android so can only simulate, can you give me a screenshot of the issue experienced @83457

No, my side button, necessary for screenshots on this model, broke years ago and every button remapping app I've tried has been pretty bad, so I lost the feature. I'm also poor and dying, so I'm not too focused on a new phone since everything else works fine on this one.


As I answered to Slade, it happens once I type enough, it doesn't happen on a 2 line blurb. But now I'm just above (and now behind) the notifications bar as I type this.


If you have a friend or family member with Android, try their phone maybe.


I can always switch to another theme to type, or simply drag the screen up as it occurs, so it's not a disaster, just annoying.


Thanks for answering and trying help, it is appreciated. If the notification bar was simply moved to the top of screen, the issue would be gone. I'm no computer programmer, so I don't know the difficulty (or not) of what I ask.

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