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Shadows of Evil trapping the Margwa... Glitch or EE?

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Was doing some test runs on Shadows and I managed to trap a Margwa in its teleporting ghost form.

Opened everything on the map except the Rift.
Completed shield. Collected all Civil Protector pieces.
DO NOT PICKUP SUMMONING KEY or RITUAL ITEMS or LAUNDRY TICKET (idk if these are required, but it's what I was testing when this happened)
DO NOT COMPLETE ANY RITUALS, you can open the rift doors in beast mode but I didnt open the rift itself to open the portal

First Margwa you can kill and grab the heart.
Second Margwa I decided to leave 1x head intact and run him through traps.
The key is timing, Activate the trap when the Margwa is INSIDE the trap not before.
I hit him with these traps in this order.

Waterfront > Footlight > Canals > Waterfront
But after the fourth trap I went and immediately built the AS at the Waterfront bench.
Returned and the Margwa was just stuck like this making some weird ambient noise

EDIT: trap still functioning in this state 

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Normally when a trap hits a Margwa they put their heads down, fold in their arms and just teleport to somewhere instantly.
But this one bacame a large solid ball object (hard to see from the ss)
It sits directly in the middle of the trap like you need to feed it with trap kills or something.
Going to test it again if I have some time. 

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