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Call of Duty 2020 Leaks In Warzone?


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Today the PDT crew posted a new video on some new files that were added to Warzone that are some very blatant hints at Black Ops content coming to the game, and perhaps even hint at the content of CoD 2020?




The audio files can be found online, but it's best not to post them here for copyright reasons. There are quotes from a new character being added with a file name that indicates he may be Woods. The only issue is, he is not voiced by James C. Burns, potentially hinting at a recast in the reboot.


There are also some other quotes from announcers in Warzone. One is a Russian, and one is British, and sounds similar to Price to me. But their quotes are identical, hinting that they are relevant to some kind of team-based mode? But here are the quotes they each say:



Signal Lost: Aborting Decryption.


Encrypted Signal Located. Maintain signal while decoding.


The signal is nearly decrypted.


Signal decrypted. Sending you the code.


Cube One.


Eagle Claw Part One.








"Every journey begins with a single step. This is step one." (Said by Reznov)



"This way, everything is ready." (Said by Noriega) https://callofduty.fandom.com/wiki/Suffer_With_Me/Transcript


"A labor camp. A hellhole called Vorkuta." (Said by Mason)



"Fifty four, twenty three, what is it? 5 11 19 45. Of course! Lucky seven." (Said by Clarke)


"Ascension 7 15 1 2 19 7 25 6 13 6 7 15 14 0" (Said by the numbers lady in the intro to Black Ops)(Deciphers to "Location Texas")

The first four about decryption seem like quotes perhaps related to a new game mode? The next four are titles of tracks in the Black Ops soundtrack. Then Redacted is just related to the classified nature of documents found in the games. The last five quotes come from significant moments across Black Ops and even Black Ops 2.

What do you make of all this? Is it meant to hint at the new game, or will it simply be a part of a Black Ops throwback event in Warzone?

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In all honesty, it also reminded me a bit of this: 


@radzakpak Did you found out those audio file names by yourself? 


Thinking about it, this already marks a historic moment, the Black Ops universe blended with Modern Warfare. Then again, didnt we also had Zombies in Spaceland references in Blackout? Maybe the gamemode simply features small easter eggs and eyeblinks to prior CoD games. Also, that Teddy Bear easter egg sounds scary as fuck, anyone know where I can find it?



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