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Biggest coincidence of my life

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Hey everyone, I'll start by saying it's been years and years and years since I've been here. (I was under the account name minator177 but for some reason couldn't remember which email address I used for that account to reset the password)


Anyways, just wanted to share one of the craziest coincidences ever, I think you guys will appreciate it as it is zombies related.


So a couple years ago I went on a 2 year, full time mission for my church. Just to give context, an exciting part of this service is being assigned where you'll be located, as it's not your choice, just based off revelation from church leaders as to where they think you are needed. 


So I get my assignment in December 2015 that I'll be in Micronesia from February 2016 to February 2018. When I arrive to the mission, I'm assigned to serve on the island of Pohnpei and learn the language there. It was the coolest place to live and the people were so awesome. I was having the time of my life. 


Part of being a missionary is that you have to stay focused on the work, so no video games. I know. No zombies for 2 years. No phone. Just one weekly email time with family. But I definitely used this time to ask my friends about zombies news to keep up with things.


So here's the kicker- my friend tells me that there's a new map coming out, Zetsubo No Shima, which takes place on Pohnpei. Totally blew my mind you guys. To be living on an obscure little island barely bigger than the size of Disney World in the middle of the Pacific. To have my favorite game ever come out with a map that takes place there while I just happen to be there. Still totally crazy to me lol.




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I'm actually a slacker and haven't played it yet as I don't have my Xbox one anymore. I've just been rocking the classic BO1 and 2 on my 360.  From the gameplay I've seen, it looks really similar with how rocky and green it is. It's all really thick, jungle-y forest there. It was really cool to go on hikes to see WWII guns and tanks leftover from the Japanese, and also see the ruins of Nan Madol which was like an ancient temple built with huge stones.


One thing I hoped for was that they would involve the Pohnpeian language into the map but so far all I've recognized is Nansapwe, which is cool but disappointing that they didn't have more stuff like that.

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Oh man this is so awesome. I'm not religious but something like you describe, going to a foreign country to work and help, sounds absolutely like something I'd like to do as well. Awesome you're interested in their culture as well and even learn their language. Is it true that one has to drink a ritual-like drink against evil spirits before he or she can enter Nan Sapwe? 


Just like Rad, I'd absolutely love it to visit Micronesia one as well! Was it very touristic or not?

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