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Whose Drill Is It Anyway?


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Welcome to Whose Drill Is It Anyway?, the thread where the questions are made up and the answers don't matter.


If you're privy to the concept of drills in Zombies, the first thing you may think of is the drill present in the Nuketown loading screen:


This was later expanded (literally) by the alternate loading screen from the comics, which just shows a wider view of each of the above panels, and reveals Schuster is someone present during this drilling:


In addition to Nuketown, and I did not realize this until yesterday, a drill very similar in design appears in a drawing on Origins:


The very unique shape of both implies to me these two are meant to be connected in some way. But, I'm getting ahead of myself. Where else is drilling mentioned?



Finally the lab is almost complete. Security measures have been put in place so the chance of detection by the Americans is very unlikely. We also have several agents embedded with the staff as insurance. We will keep the individuals in stasis, on ice to speak, and continue the specimen rotation once we finish drawing more power from the drill. Oh, I almost forgot, the sequencing for the current blood samples is as follows: SSMJABR

The above cipher coincides with the date from the timeline in Dimension 63:


July 3rd, 1941

Stanley Ferguson reports that the Laboratory has been completed, and that the subjects will be placed in the stasis chambers upon arrival.

Speaking of the timeline, drilling at Nuketown is revealed as being the cause of the explosion just before Nuketown Zombies takes place:


September 1st, 2025

In desperate need of more Element 115, Broken Arrow uses an excavator to drill near the Nuclear Testing Facility known as Nuketown.


October 13th, 2025 - NUKETOWN ZOMBIES

A nuclear bomb explodes outside of Nuketown as a result of Broken Arrow’s drilling.  CIA and CDC operatives arrive to find an undead outbreak already in progress. One of the missiles from the moon hits Nuketown, killing all on site...except for Marlton Johnson, who survives by hiding in a nuclear bunker. 

It's interesting that in Alpha Omega we see no sign of this drill, when the map should take place between these two dates considering Marlton is present, unless Marlton was trapped at Camp Edward for longer than a month, or left and came back... But anyway, that's not why we're here, we're here to talk drills.


I first want to ask about the cipher from Ferguson in Richtofen's lab. He says, "We will keep the individuals in stasis, on ice to speak, and continue the specimen rotation once we finish drawing more power from the drill." I remember when this cipher was originally discussed people were scratching their heads, as the only drill we all remembered was the Nuketown drill, which is in the original timeline in 2025. So either there was some method of transferring excavated 115 between dimensions, or this was another drill they were utilizing. I think the drill drawing from Origins is a likely contender, as it was created before 1941, and Richtofen would know where to find it and how to use it given it was made by Group 935 in Dimension 63.


But still, that leaves some confusion about the Nuketown drill. The drilling depicted in the comic cannot be the same drilling from 2025, as Schuster is present and he would likely be over 100 years old by that point. Schuster being there means this is either a Group 935 or Broken Arrow operation, and we cannot be completely sure which. I almost believed it could be on the Moon, but clouds in the background disprove that. I'm still of the belief this is Broken Arrow drilling early in its inception, but not in 2025 as we may have previously guessed.


Has this discussion on fictitious space-age drilling enthralled you? What's the meaning behind all of this? 

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I think I found what you are referring to:


The blueprints say they were drawn up October 22nd, 1963 and that the drill should be complete in Q1 1964, so that may put that mystery to bed. Another interesting note, if the Nuketown loading screen is truly from the Original Timeline, this means Schuster survives the outbreak caused by Lehman, which took place around October 18th, 1963.

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13 hours ago, RadZakpak said:

Another interesting note, if the Nuketown loading screen is truly from the Original Timeline, this means Schuster survives the outbreak caused by Lehman, which took place around October 18th, 1963.

Oh boy that would make me a happy man! Hopefully he stopped working and settled himself somewhere on the countryside. That would mean he would be the only known one normally surviving the whole Group 935/Broken Arrow mess. Anyway, it is indeed weird that they are talking about the Drill in Alcatraz, Dimension 63. It is the same dimension Origins occurs in, so it could be very possible that the Americans seized or replicated it. I believe the 115 locations in all universes are the same (as we see an 'Excavation site' in France even in the normal universe, on the Broken Arrow map). That would mean that in Dimension 63 too, there is a deposit of 115 at Groom Lake. Now for normal power, it would be weird to transport it all the way from Nevada to San Francisco, so it gotta be a special kind of power. Nevada is unique in North America for being the sole source of Element 115, so I assume Richtofen's lab needs the power of 115 for something. But first of all, how do they transport it from the Drill to Alcatraz. I self have two possible solutions:

  • 1: Via the ether. Nikola Tesla is a figure with a certain influence on our story (think of the Death Ray, HAARP, matter displacement, Tesla coils, etc). The one thing he might be the most famous of, are his experiments concerning wireless electricity. Using the magnetic field of Earth, it was in his Wardenclyffe Tower at New York where he did tests about transmitting power through air. Group 935 or Richtofen could have continued this for personal use. Tesla Broadcast Tower 1904.jpeg < The Wardenclyffe Tower
  • 2: Via tunnels. Remember all those quotes of the Tranzit busdriver? Not few of them are about secret underground facilities across the US. Places like Deep Springs base, Dulce base and Tehachapi Ranch are all underground facilities spread across Nevada, California and New Mexico. There are lots of them, and they are by some believed to be connected with each other via one of the largest artificially tunnel systems on Earth. Not unimportant to note is that most conspiracy nuts believe these bases and tunnels are controlled by the Illuminati. According to the Timeline, the Illuminati was in fact also responsible for the building of Richtofen's lab. 

As for why they need to draw 115 for the lab, I wouldn't know. One reason that is given in the cipher is 'specimen rotation', which I find sounding a bit vague and it becomes even more vague when looking it up on google. Something with lasers and 'rotational remanent magnetization'. To me it sounds like they were scanning Victis, possible to clone them? Or maybe the 'specimen' is about Element 115, which they are still actively researching?



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So I just found out the US government bought Groom Lake aka Area 51 in 1955.


And yet we have this quote from Maxis at Der Riese, 1945: "If we are to overcome this obstacle we need to increase the frequency and size of the experiment. To this end, I suggest we find not only a regular supply of 115, but that we also find a larger conduit to channel the energy. Our operatives in America have informed us that the US have a large supply of the element at the Nevada base, so time is of the essence if we are to stay ahead of them."


I always assumed this was about the American government discovering 115 in Nevada. But Maxis speaks of 'our operatives' and 'at the Nevada base', does this indicate Group 935 has a station in Nevada? He also mentions that they don't merely need more 115 but also a larger conduit to channel the energy. Is this conduit the Drill? I always assumed it was literally drilling the rocky, solid 115 but for such an unstable element as 115 converting it into energy makes much more sense!





"We will keep the individuals in stasis, on ice to speak, and continue the specimen rotation once we finish drawing more power from the drill"


Who'se Drill was it anyway? Group 935's! 

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