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Well, I've been on the forum for a couple weeks and only just remembered to make an intro, whoops lol.



I've been playing Treyarch zombies since Kino, but was kind of a casual back then. I remember after a few games I first got to the outside alley area and had my mind blown that there was an outside. But I got interested in the story after stumbling upon one of KillerFinland's videos, and immediately was very intrigued. I didn't really pay attention outside of watching youtube videos until BO3 though, when I actually started looking into stuff. And while in hindsight I'm not really a big fan of BO3, it was still very fun at the time. Since then, I've been fully immersed into the story. I like how the maps always feel like there is some insane stuff happening just out of the corner of your eye where you can't see. The mystery factor has always been very cool and unique to me, and I've never really found anything else quite like it. 



Now for my controversial opinions: My favorite Zombies is Black Ops 4, and my favorite map is Alpha Omega. Come at me. I'll probably write some posts on why I believe that, because I really do think Black Ops 4 Zombies is incredibly beautiful in so many ways.



 Even though Zombies is over, there's still plenty to discuss. I'll thoroughly enjoy getting into it with all of you.





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The original Black Ops is where it is at, at least gameplay wise. :P

Thank you for properly introducing yourself, I always enjoy reading these posts.


Rocking the cyan robes like a champ.


You probably don't have any, but I am going to write it anyway: If you have any questions, be sure to ask us.

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Well, it's always good to start late sometimes. I formally welcome you to CoDz!


Gotta say, you sound like peak OG in terms of where you started. KillerFinland is an ancient guy now, and I hardcore respect your curiosity coming from him... as well as Kino!


But... yeah. Welcome aboard!

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I would say welcome, but you've already been here. So thanks for hanging out with us! ;)

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