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So, what do you folks think of this map?

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I was waiting for both a Nuketown and a COTD remake, we ended up getting both. I was bitterly disappointed with AO, it just felt all wrong, the outside areas looked hideous and the bunker was just rearranged parts of what we saw in Blackout.

So I was a bit apprehensive when we were certain COTD was getting remade, as it was always one of the maps I really liked.... but you know what? I really, really like it. Definitely up there in my top 3 BO4 maps.


They actually did a really good job with it, I think. Not like Nuketown which was a total let-down and Mob which was made way too big, or Classified which was good but also lost a lot of its original character. With the COTD remake they actually got rid of a lot of the annoying features, like you can prevent yourself from freezing in the water with the heat pack and of course there's no irritating George Romero boss, plus you can actually get further than like round 60 on solo. I love the lighting. There's obviously a lot of interesting lore, being the map that wraps up the story. Victis are more interesting than the celebrity cast we got last time. The setup for high rounds is generally very simple, with lots of very optional extras to be found and built depending on how you like to play the map. I loved the original layout so I'm glad they kept almost all of it, and the main extra area (facility) they added is a very interesting area with great aesthetics, really captured that classic 935 facility vibe that's been missing from zombies for a while now.


So yeah, gameplay wise (which is mostly what I'm about), it's been a great end to BO4 for me ? What about you guys and gals?

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First and very short impression was that I do not like it very much, will give it a proper chance this weekend though.

Nice to see, you enjoy it though. ? 

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Bad time: I am way to busy with uni these weeks and now the Aether's finale gets released? Man, I have so many theories in my mind now that I just cannot write yet. All in due time, my lovely people!

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