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Easter Egg Song Bracket Round 5! (Semifinals)

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Welcome back, ya filthy animals! Here are the results of round 4...


... and the current bracket:



Round 5 is here! We are nearly at the end of the tournament!


Time for rules, everyone! Below I will list the competitors in this round using numbers. You will make your own list of numbers, with your choice next to the corresponding number and optionally an explanation why. So for example if the match-up is:


1. Shadowman vs Monty


You would reply:


1. Shadowman - The original harbinger of doom, also dresses real nice.


After 1 week I will tally up the votes and write up a post for the next round.


Let's get into round 5!


1. The One vs Pareidolia


2. 115 vs The Gift


Only two choices. Make them count!

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1. Pareidolia - I'm convinced this is one of the most beautiful pieces of music I've heard in my life. The piano on its own can bring me close to tears.


2. 115 - No one song can bring back as many fond memories as this one, and even 9 years later it continues to be a banger.

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1. Pareidolia - My favorite song out of the ones that are left and second favorite one in general. Not only because it is a great song, but it also comes from one of my top 3 favorite maps. 🙂

2. 115

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1 hour ago, Schrödinger said:

1.2. The One-15

(Two-in-one voting function.)

Yeah I knew such an answer would come from you 🙂


I go for the One as well. While I agree with about that piano part, the rest of the track I find the One better. Also, better lyrics. Talking about that piano, I think I'm gonna sit for that behind my own piano one day. I'll record it may I succeed.


Secondly: the Gift. Better melody in my opinion, though it doesnt hold the same nostalia as 115.

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the one - the gift, the gift just reminds me of zombies as a whole and it fit perfectly with revelations


also my old account just randomly logged out and i cant find it again so this is my new account

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Our winners are: 


1. The One (3) vs Pareidolia (2)


2. 115 (3) vs The Gift (2)


Prepare for the final round!

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