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On Alpha Omega, there is a document with codes for several projects and places in the facility that you can enter into Rushmore and he will explain them. Credit to @NaBrZHunter for streaming and entering these codes so I could hear all of them. These are the transcripts I've made. If I put a dash somewhere, its because I couldn't understand the word he was saying. 


Code 0-0-0-1 Project MKAlpha:

"Project MKAlpha is an offshoot of MKUltra. The CIA program explored the possibility of mind control as espionage. While MKUltra explored the spectrum of techniques, MKAlpha focused on the use of a highly classified American Pyramid device located in Camp Edward, Nevada for telepathic interrogation. Use of the APD yielded positive outcomes in a series of tests but serious side effects experienced by both interrogators and test subjects were also reported. More on that under APD Interrogation."


Code 0-0-0-2 ADAM Initiative:

"The ADAM Initative began with research into automated servants for public use. The androids were made to appear as human as possible to function in people’s homes and businesses as easily as a human employee. Easier perhaps because they require no food, sleep, or salary. The results were very encouraging. Not only did they perform everyday domestic tasks but they inspired genuine affection in their employers. It didn’t take long for Broken Arrow’s top brass to recognize the military potential in the ADAM initiative. More on that under Project Toy Soldier"


Code 0-0-0-3 Project Toy Soldier: 

"Project Toy Soldier is an offshoot of the ADAM initative. The focus of Toy Soldier is to repurpose ADAM units for military applications. Work on Toy Soldier began at Camp Edward 6 months after the facility was dedicated to the Broken Arrow program. Militarized ADAM units were deemed an effective countermeasure to an undead outbreak and their capabilities were augmented accordingly. After several tests and iterations, a unit designated Seargent ADAM performed well in demonstrations for the joint chief. Seargent ADAM remains at Camp Edward ready for activation if necessary." 


Code 1-0-0-1 Broken Arrow: 

"The Broken Arrow Facility in Camp Edwards, Nevada is categorized as a Black Site by a select few in the federal government who are aware of its existence. Broken Arrow was created by the Department of Defense in November of 1963 following the undead outbreak in the Pentagon. That incident was contained and kept classified but every available resource was mobilized to prevent another such disaster. In addition to locations at Groom Lake and Hanford, Camp Edward was turned over to Broken Arrow for the research and creation of an American Pyramid Device based on the similar mechanism discovered on the Moon. The efficacy and potential uses of the APD are still being determined."


Code 1-0-0-2 Prisoner Holding:

"The Prisoner Holding Area in Camp Edward was designed to detain spies and trespassers. However its main usage was in conjunction with Project MKAlpha. The test subjects for APD interrogation were kept in prisoner holding and escorted to transfusion before delivery at the APD for their interrogation session. If they emerged relatively intact, they were taken back to a holding cell in processed out of the base. However not all subjects survived the process."


Code 1-0-0-3 Transfusion Facility: 

"The Transfusion Facility at Camp Edwards served as —- In the MKAlpha interrogation process. Test subjects were escorted from the cells in Prisoner Holding and placed in the transfusion chair. Precise dosages of element 115 were then injected into the subjects bloodstream rendering them susceptible to the interrogator awaiting them in the APD interrogation area. Use of element 115 for this procedure is highly controversial among the few who — the program. Its effects were unpredictable and more than one subject who entered transfusion never made it to interrogation. Additionally Broken Arrow medical technicians  working in transfusion reported a variety of side effects when working with 115 and had to be replaced regularly. One interesting outcome is that base personnel avoided the transfusion facility even more than they avoided the APD itself."


Code 1-0-0-4 APD Interrogation:

"The APD Interrogation Program is a focal point for the MKAlpha program.  Numerous tests were conducted with subjects who were strapped into the interrogation chair and given controlled doses of element 115. These subjects were susceptible to telepathic probing from an interrogator located within the American Pyramid Device. Initial results show great potential with actual intel obtained directly from the minds of various test subjects. However averse reactions to 115 were observed. And prolonged time spent within the APD had dilatory effects on interrogators themselves including Broken Arrow’s Cornelius Pernell."


Code 1-0-0-5 Solitary: 

"The Solitary Confinement Area was where test subjects were taken following APD interrogation sessions. They were held there for several days before being returned to prisoner holding. In the early days of MKAlpha, subjects were taken directly from APD to holding. They tended to be unruly. Traumatized by having another mind rummage through theirs and this unnerved subjects in neighboring cells. It was determined that a cool down period in solitude mitigated averse reactions and so the solitary cells were added."

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I love when maps hit you over the head with their own unique lore. I'm sure that reads as sarcastic, but I mean that genuinely. It would be cool if there was some codes available after completing the east egg. Similar to how the recording have the Shadow Man in them after you complete BOTD. 

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To make long stories short: Broken Arrow used the APD as an interogation machine: Project MKAlpha, part of the CIA mindcontrol program Project MKUltra. The prisoner was injected by liquid 115, the interogator entered the APD and applied mind control on the victim, which could be done due to the 115 injections. The disadvantagement, however, is that the prisoner afterwards will have another mind rummage through theirs. So it seems like this APD is different than the MPD in various ways:

  • It can be entered and exited at free will
  • It can only influence 115-infected subjects, much like the MPD after Ultimis and Maxis severed the Aethereal connection with Earth with the Moon rockets.
  • (I think) it doesn't enter the Dark Aether
  • It is less powerfull than the MPD


I like how this correlates with Pablo Marinus being captured in Der Eisendrache. He too was injected with liquid 115 and started to suffer depersonalization, with the mind of a 13th Century knight rummage through his. I think Group 935 might have done similar tests as with the APD, but then with the Stone Pyramid in the undercroft (shall we call it the SPD?). Could this ancient device featured similar utilities?


Another odd thing is that in the Timeline, the medieval knight really is called Pablo Marinus. So it seems like Mexican Pablo doesn't have a random soul bleeding into him, but really his old soul or something. Could we be talking about reincarnation perhaps? Quantum Immortality?


Fun fact: there are now three pyramids on Earth, much like the Vril mythos mentioned three Vimañas residing on our planet.


EDIT: the real-existing Operation MKUltra had methods of brainwash, next to physicial, mental, sexual torture and hypnosis, based upon drugs, such as LSD, heroin, you name it, several times even leading to the death of the often illegal obtained testsubjects. Several ex-Nazi scientists and investigation, taken during Operation Paperclip, also participated in MKUltra. So you could say that, in a way, in the fictional Sub-Project MKAlpha, Element 115 was used as a drug in this mindcontrol, causing the soul of your earlier body to flow through your present body. And this was based on Group 935's investigation at Der Eisendrache...

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