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Operation Apocalypse Z Begins July 9th / “Fourth of July” Special Event


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July 2nd Update: Operation Apocalypse Z Begins July 9th / “Fourth of July” Special Event + Ultra Weapon Bribe / Bolt-Action Barebones and Hardcore Blackout Return + More

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Operation Apocalypse Z Starts July 9th on PS4


The zombie apocalypse arrives one week from today on PS4 as the undead take over Multiplayer, Zombies, and Blackout in Operation Apocalypse Z! We’ll have more intel and surprises to share as we count down to launch, along with more of what’s in store for the next chapter of the Zombies Aether story in “Alpha Omega”.

Speaking of which... prepare to get your hands on some newly-upgraded hardware courtesy of Broken Arrow.

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“Fourth of July” Special Event Now Live
Starting today on all platforms, our “Fourth of July” special event is now live in the Contraband stream, culminating in a new earnable Ultra Weapon Bribe at the 15th Tier. Ultra Weapon Bribes reward players with a new ranged Black Market weapon and two Reserve Cases when opened. If you already own a variant of all Black Market weapons, you’ll be rewarded with an additional weapon variant from your Ultra Weapon Bribe. Get out there, enjoy the new rewards, and have a safe and happy Fourth!


Duplicate-Protected Crates Now Available for Trade-In
New Duplicate-Protected Crates are now available on all platforms for trade-in at the Reserves tab in the Black Market. Players can trade in six Reserve Cases for a new Duplicate-Protected Crate containing three distinct Reserve items, so be sure to complete as many Contracts as possible across all modes each day to maximize your rewards.


Bolt-Action Barebones and Hardcore Blackout Return
As we ramp up to next week’s new Operation, we’re bringing back two fan-favorite playlists this week with Bolt-Action Barebones in Multiplayer and Hardcore Duos in Blackout, both available on all platforms. Multiplayer fans on PC can also jump into Endurance Free-for-All for the first time this week!


On Xbox One and PC, today’s update delivers the new Hard Mode “Unsinkable” Gauntlet in Zombies, Blackjack’s Stash in Blackout’s limited-time modes, and the new “Numbers” Death Effect to all modes for players who’ve completed at least one Outfit Mission in Blackout. Check out the patch notes below for all the details.


Source: https://tinylink.net/Jb6ha

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Should also note Nikolai holding a new pistol, maybe the M1911. Also those zombie models on the bottom right are brand new. I kind of doubt (and hope not) that they are exclusive to Blackout. Maybe we see them in the fourth DLC or TranZit remake? The nurse would definitely fit TranZit, but not sure about the football player.

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