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The Order of Forgotten Mysteries #1: the Skulls

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31 minutes ago, RequixEclipse said:

Hey my friend its ok im glad that we could have the discussion. Im guilty of being wrong plenty of time but its those who take the time to have a dialogue. Worst case scenario is that we would just agree to disagree. This is CoDz Forums we like to engage in productive debate/discussions. 


Since BO4 the mass epidemic to speed through to cutscene has spread mass disinformation. Many items discussed in dialogue by characters and small occurrences that provide story specific details are left uncovered. The devil is always in the details. The cutscene is very important dont get me wrong, but to fully grasp the story leading us into the cutscenes has been at its worst. 


Its a facinating discovery  though because if you think about it.. The Wolf King is within that tomb.. embodied.


So the quotes from the character calling the floating lifeforce from the zombies souls arnt souls? I mean its in the captions its clearly written and in plain sight. 


Upon realizing that Samantha was in control of the Aether, he devised an alternative plan to gain ultimate power and defeat her — use a (Vril-generating device and sufficient supply of 115 to bend life force itself, allowing him to switch his soul with Samantha's and enter the Aether as an all-powerful being. After arriving at the Rising Sun facility to locate his diary, 


clearly Zombies have souls if Post-Buried Zombie Richtofen (Soul and all) then teleports and time travels to Ultimis Richtofen's catatonic (not zombie) body and remerges his soul with it, waking him up out of the coma. 


Check please

Haha no worries I'm glad we discuss. Sorry if my comment appears a bit blunt, I didn't meant it like that. No one is always right or wrong, it are discussions that generate this story. Can you quote the character quote talking calling these things souls, please? I would be very interested to see that. As I don't have Der Eisendrache nor ever did the Easter Egg, I don't know what the Wolfking's Tomb's role is in the Quest. Is the Lifeforce (or souls, if you will) floating towards inside the grave?


Zombie Richthofen is another story, though, as he is no ordinary zombie. Richthofen's soul was eternally damned to be in a zombie body by Maxis. Finally finding his own body (on the Moon),  he begins both obeying Primis Richthofen and starting his personal quest to "pass on" his soul to braindead Ultimis Richthofen in Groom Lake.


(Oh, and why is the half of your comment black?)

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5 hours ago, anonymous said:

Haha no worries I'm glad we discuss. Sorry if my comment appears a bit blunt, I didn't meant it like that. No one is always right or wrong, it are discussions that generate this story. Can you quote the character quote talking calling these things souls, please? I would be very interested to see that. As I don't have Der Eisendrache nor ever did the Easter Egg, I don't know what the Wolfking's Tomb's role is in the Quest. Is the Lifeforce (or souls, if you will) floating towards inside the grave?


Zombie Richthofen is another story, though, as he is no ordinary zombie. Richthofen's soul was eternally damned to be in a zombie body by Maxis. Finally finding his own body (on the Moon),  he begins both obeying Primis Richthofen and starting his personal quest to "pass on" his soul to braindead Ultimis Richthofen in Groom Lake.



The Crazy Place is shaped like a circle, with four pathways leading to spots where the player can teleport out. These spots also correspond with their element, hence why one might be covered in fire, which is aesthetic and will not hurt the player in any way. Inside the circle, there are four pillars of sort, which when the player accesses The Crazy Place from a certain tunnel, the pillar will open, allowing access to the corresponding elemental gem from the tunnel they came from, meaning if the player came from the Ice tunnel, the player can obtain the Ice element gem. The player can rebuild the portal of whichever element they came from, or have been through and collected the elemental stone from, after about 15 seconds the portal will fall apart. 

After solving riddles to upgrade your Elemental Staff of choice, the player can place the staff on the pillar, after doing so they must kill zombies in the Crazy Place, so that the zombie "souls" can power up the staff until an audio cue signifies that it is done.


If you read through you'll find that its one of the little details that should not need to be always talked about after 10 years. In a way I put in with the terms Element 115, Aether, MPD, Virl, Golden Rod, and all have many different purposes. For example when doing the Moon Easter egg. 


When Filling up a single tube on Moon next to the MOD I get whats being talked about.


Nikolai: "Oh no! The egg is in the hole! Wait... that is good thing, right?"

Dempsey: "Holy shitballs! Did you see that flash? It's powering the machine!"

Takeo: "Your life force is now put to good use, in the machine."

Richtofen: "Of course! The machine is powered by life force. How silly of me! I should have remembered that."

Filling the tube. (Its a wink, wink, nod, nod 'Life Force' so that it would be less like to cause offense. I know that Soul=Life Force=Energy=Insert your preference.) 

Nikolai: "It is filling up!"

Takeo: "Keep going!"

Dempsey: "Keep it up it's gaining power!"

Richtofen: "We must kill more!"

All tubes are filled

Nikolai: "It is overflowing with energy. This is good thing, right?"

Takeo: "The machine is vile, with the dishonor, of the dishonorable!"

Dempsey: "It's full. Now what?"

Richtofen: "Excellent! Marvelous! Beautiful! Look for a button or a switch!"




(Oh, and why is the half of your comment black?) 


Because I can copy and paste it from the Kronorium. That is Treyarch Official set in stone not if and or buts about it. In away its a statement to the community showing whom the Author is. We have influenced a the story with our interests and you see that the most in BO1-BO3. The Author wants to reveal the best part of the tale after 10 years! We should be excited now more than ever. 


Chaos Rant

Chaos was their chance to create the same nostalgia with the next generation. I started at 14 which is crazy. I am 25 years old now and want this community to have the full start-finished story to nerd rage with lol. No Zombie DLC 3 is a message to us about the fate of Zombies. Chaos was not supposed to end and believe me there is so much amazing stuff no one has taken time to get into. I feel bad because I wish I had Nacht/Verrukt/Shino (1st 3 maps in Aether Storyline remastered in 3 different titles..) day 1 when I was 14. 


We had a few cryptologist back in the day who always had people excited to see what the new message revealed in the Aether. I hope to log the Chaos events accurately in detail so that in 5-10 years my kids and I wont be waiting to see the finished product.


@anonymous sorry for breaking off the main topic but really felt like I needed to get that off my chest. This rant has nothing to add to our current talk on Souls. 


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Hmm, I think you and I have different meanings of a "Soul". What I call a soul is the spirit of somebody, it's consiousness, whatever makes somebody somebody. Zombies do have a soul, as can be heard in Shi no Numa's "the One", emphasizing the zombie’s enslavement to the neurological synapses forced upon its brain by the occupant of the MPD. Also, the zombies can be heard speaking when playing Stuhlinger in Die Rise, which might be there souls as well (or echoes of them in another universe). The souls are the things that either reincarnate in another Moksha, following the Quantum Souls theory this is in another universe, OR eternally suffer/find rest in some kind of Afterlife. I see the floating orbs of lights, what Ultimis call 'Life Force', as something different. 


Departed souls leave residual energy in their wake...

This is the energy that is used in powering devices and artifacts. What Life Force's purpose is when still being in someone's body, however, remains unclear. I think this is what 'sparked' someones body to life and maintains this. While the soul is what you are, the Life Force is why you physically exist...kind of. At least, this is my interpretation. What is interesting is that Primis and the Origins/House ('Second') Maxis were soulless, yet were alive and self-consiousness. Is this the Life Force playing? And why is not having a soul, as seen at Maxis in Revelations, such an easy way for Dark Aethereal influence to corrupt the mind?


Back to the Shangri La topic. 

On 6/8/2019 at 3:31 AM, Electric Jesus said:

The temple of Shangri-la is, quite literally, a giant teleporter / time machine. Like the entirety of the temple is a beta-version of Richtofen’s MTD. In the same way that the computers of today were once the size of a room before we improved upon the technology. We hear brock and gary talking about how the temple must contain “the gateway to agartha.” But I think they’re just under the false impression that agartha is a physical location at the center of the earth. The same way that people often conceptualize “hell” as being at the center of the earth. Shang is “the gateway to agartha” in that it is where the knowledge of how to access the aether was first acquired. So Shangri-la is like the ground-zero of humanity’s contact with the aether.

Considering Shangri La is capable of 'moving between dimensions', or possibly merely generating a portal, the loading screens show the city floating around Earth as well. Is this a metaphore, or could the city (or parts of it) move around physically in the same dimension as well? 


Prof. D. K. Kanjilal analyses the legend of the Matsya Purana in his Vimana in Ancient India in the following words:

"Behind the veil of legend and scientific truth comes out that three flying-cities were made for and were used by the demons. Of these three, one was in a stationary orbit in the sky, another moving in the sky and one was permanently stationed in the ground. These were docked like modern spaceships in the sky at particular time and at fixed latitude/longitudes."



"Inside the circular air frame, place the mercury-engine with its solar mercury boiler at the aircraft center. By means of the power latent in the heated mercury which sets the driving whirlwind in motion a man sitting inside may travel a great distance in a most marvellous manner. Four strong mercury containers must be built into the interior structure. When these have been heated by fire through solar or other sources the Vimana (aircraft) develops thunder-power through the mercury."


If the City could move within one dimension, it could explain the lost cities of Akator, Shangri La, El Dorado, etc, all being the same city. Sometimes it resides in the Andes, sometimes in the Amazon and sometimes in the Hymalayas. By the power of the Eclipse.





And thus my profile picture 😜


Last but not least,  @Schrödinger observed something very interesting. Quoting him: "Nan Sapwe does not seem to be dead, his jaw sometimes moves in game and he tore his head himself(hobby exercised by all kinds of keepers)." I gave my thoughts about how the skull could still be alive, could it have something to do with the Ethereal capabilities of it? Possibly still having a brain being connected to the Aether, it might be directed by something from beyond... As for the self-decapitation, I'm not sure what to think of it. Thoughts?

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Come to think of it, you’re right, the ancient art depicting the story of Nan Sapwe does appear to show him deliberately “removing” his head and giving it to these people as a gift. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that he committed suicide in order to give humanity an inanimate weapon. 


One possibility is that it’s something along the lines of like, the Floo network from Harry Potter. 


For those who don’t know, in Harry potter, you can travel / communicate with other wizards by basically opening a portal in your fireplace and jumping through, popping out in someone else’s. It’s explained that every fireplace in the wizard world is connected to one another, kinda analogous to land-line phones. 


Anyway, if you don’t feel like fully travelling through the network to someone else’s place but just want to deliver a message, you can just get on your hands and knees and stick your head in the fire, and then just your head will appear floating in their fireplace on the other end, and you can talk to them and whatnot. 


Anyway, Nan Sapwe might be on his knees in some dimension with just his head protruding thru into our realm, so he can look out for us with his stanky breath. (Maybe not literally on his knees, but you get the idea.)


Like how we’ve never ever seen the body / legs of the cerberus / hellhounds from Mob of the dead, because we’re only privy to like, a cross-section of the head sticking thru the portal. might be the same deal with Nan Sapwe but just less visually obvious. 


Also, in Harry potter they describe that when you’re like mid-teleportation from one fireplace to another, you’re like zooming through this realm that’s a network of brick tunnels. That’s certainly kinda wormhole - aether - interstellar - y, but with more of a fantasy kinda aesthetic.

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While it could be possible, it would be weird that it would be it's Skull we see. I mean, if there is a living Keeper kneeling on the other side, why don't we get it's meaty-skin-ey head but merely it's skull?


I'm not trying to go fully Indiana Jones but...how would you feel about it being one of the crystal skulls? These artifacts are said to be given to early human societies by extraterrestials, just how the Nan Sapwe gave his skull to the inhabitants of Nan Madol. 


Joshua Sapiro: ''We believe the Crystal Skulls are a form of computer which are able to record energy and vibration that occur around them.''


There are said to be 13 in total, scattered over Earth. Could the skull of Nan Sapwe be able to record energy from it's environment as well, or generating itself in some way? This energy might be used for the skull to 'life it's own life'. Also, the Keeper/alien doesn't die when sacrificing it's head, so that might be why he just gave it away. 


I wonder, though, why the four human skulls are needed as well. Just for opening the Tomb's door seems a bit...unnecassery. Oh, and why do the Keepers guard this skull, if Primis want to help them defeating the Apothicans?

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There is a Keeper skull in Revelations as well. While it looks exactly like Nan Sapwe, I'm not totally sure if it is him. If not, it could be one of another Keeper which gave it's skull to humanity. What is interesting, is that the skull is not used to 'rebuild' a Keeper, but to build an altar which is used to summon one.


@RequixEclipse Coming back on our soul discussion, what do you think of braindead Richthofen in Groom Lake after Moon (as heard in Classified). He does not carry a soul, since that one is in Samantha's body and later in Zombie Richthofen, and he is comatose/braindead. However, Primis, and many more, are also said to be soulless but yet they aren't braindead and can just do whatever they want. Why does this Richthofen need a soul to function while so many live without one?


(Merci beaucoup, Schrödinger, for reminding me of these things!)

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