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(PS4, Black Ops 4, Zombies)



I did not contact Treyarch about update 2, but it seems to have been fixed. My permanent unlock weapons are functioning completely normally again!



My permanent unlock weapons are not gaining level experience... my VAPR is stuck halfway through lvl 5 and my AUGER is stuck just before level 2... sigh...




I had no response from treyarch, but my weapons are unlocked again! yay!





I've done some digging and found a post on Reddit ( https://www.reddit.com/r/CODZombies/comments/ar2qi5/i_just_lost_all_my_permanent_unlock_token_in/ ) apparently this is happening to a few people. Anyone know if / how I can contact Treyarch to ask for help?


Has anything like this happened to you before? And if so, was it resolved?


A resolution to this, in my opinion, would be Treyarch either unlocking the weapons or giving me the same amount of tokens back to re-unlock them myself!


Thanks in advance, to everyone!

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3 hours ago, twistedsith said:

what does your screen name mean?

It is "Beast" in 1337 speak. He is one of the good ones though.

Good guy Treyarch, now if they could only fix the crash problem...

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