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Killing Hell Hounds = -50 points??...


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(Game stats for this post: PS4, Black Ops 4, Blood of the Dead, Casual)


I'm noticing that when I kill any hell hound, I gain some points (+10, +30, etc) but I also lose 50 points for each kill. It appears next to the other scores but instead of yellow or green coloring, it's red.


I have no clue why this is happening or how to prevent it.


Not a big deal, but i'm curious if anyone else has noticed this or has an explanation?


Thanks in advance!

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4 hours ago, Lenne said:

Bumping this up, cause the points system just confuses me at this point. What do the green numbers mean and why are we sometimes losing points?

@ZombiesAteMyPizza! you gotta know this, right? ?

I haven't fully studied this, but from what I gather:

The green is a base number per kill, plus you get the yellow points as a bonus for the type of kill. So a base kill is always 90 points, if it's a melee kill for example you also get a +60 for the melee. Doing prior damage before the melee kill may get you some points, which then get deducted from the final tally since the max allowed per kill is 150 points. So for example:


You gain 30 points from pistol shots on one zombie.

Then you melee for the kill. You get 90 points for the kill, and +60 for the melee.

However, that 30 you made has to be deducted since you're now 30 points over the max allowed score for that kill.

So you'll see a green 90 (base score for getting a kill), a yellow +60 (melee bonus) and a red -30 (deduction for prior damage points).


I'm pretty sure that's how it works anyway, but again I'm not 100% on that and could be completely wrong. It's an interesting topic that I don't think anyone has looked in-depth into at this point.

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