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How do you want the Chaos story to go?

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Pretty straightforward question, but one that isn't being discussed much.


We know that the taste of our good ol' Aether story has our panties in a bunch for potential related DLCs for BO4, but what about the Chaos story? I feel that compared to Aether, Chaos has large potential to make plot changes since we know of only one goal: to find Alistair Rhodes. And how they do that can vary greatly - not to mention the other sub-plots that we need more info on. What's going on with corrupted individuals (Geoffrey, Bruno)? What do the Gods have related to the maps/perk machines? Why is Alistair a big target? What is the true motive behind each map?

How would want to see us reach the "conclusion" of the Chaos storyline in BO4?

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Don't we already know where it goes? Cause they end up dead after the side quest for IX.

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I cant say it, because sadly I know nothing about the Chaos story. I don't know the character names, their goals, not even the sequence of the maps. Might dive into it one day, because I know there's a lot of interesting and reality-based stuff in it, though I better keep my hands offthe theorizing concerning this

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Thats like only reading the good parts in book and skipping over the little things. 😕 The comic book has made them if not Scarlet. They are the same, but from 2 separate reality. Sol and Luna are both represented as Fire. Richtofen defeating The Warden with a Philosophers stone sure as hell didnt happen without The Chaos storyline. 


Some of the reason people think the community is not receiving well is because the refuse to let the Author tell it. Its not that I dont respect you my friend. Every one is entitled to their own opinion. There isnt an issue to agree to disagree. The CODZombies Storyline is one that will always be received in way that makes it Unique for any one who dare to dwell. :heart:


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