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talisman rarity

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2 hours ago, natbornkiller123 said:

im i alone i thinking that the talismans are rare enough as it is to have there own rarity scale on top of that.

im sitting avergaing about 6-12 currency per game so i have to play anywhere 6 to 13 games to get a guaranteed talisman which has a high % chance to be shit

Yeah I agree. Just today I had to play a round 50 game just to get 75 thingys.

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I think they are a bit too rare to be considered anything else than a microtransaction bonus tbh. I haven't used any of them yet and I have earned like 4 during the first week of the game. Nice thing is that the amount you can earn per game is not capped the same way as in BO3, but I feel like I'm still getting less cause the price for the best one is so high, and buying the cheaper ones doesn't seem worth it. 

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