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  1. im i alone i thinking that the talismans are rare enough as it is to have there own rarity scale on top of that. im sitting avergaing about 6-12 currency per game so i have to play anywhere 6 to 13 games to get a guaranteed talisman which has a high % chance to be shit
  2. thats a little bit exclusive when u think about it no reason why it shouldnt appear the numbers and the skulls still apear :(
  3. does anyone know exactly id the dog patrols around the office or stands in a particular spot when he spawns there turns out low graphics is really screwy with stuff like this (i.e i basicly dont see it)
  4. throwing ideas around here has anyone seen anybody or done the folowing yet 1.get the golden spork (by shooting the tower down first) 2. and getting the hells redeemer on that note does anyone have any reliable sources o how to get the redeemer in the first place,
  5. the other location is in the east side power room
  6. out of curiosity where exactly do you shoot the water tower, on the off chance they fix it or it is stopping progression
  7. ill throw this in here whenever i have interacted with the spark boxes with the shield up it has fully charged the shield blast. because of this im highly positive its just a function to get easy charges. could be wrong though, there is so many what ifs going through my brain right now with this step :/
  8. i mean i have always gone to turn on the powers in the prison which spawns him anyway

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