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Notes on the CoD site


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In the road towards The Shadowed Throne Sledgehammer showed us some notes on the CoD site. All of them are written by Drostan, and transcripted by @Kalinine, so all credits to him.


Original Reddit link:



Note 1:


So if they're not going to pay me in marks then I'll make sure that I'm compensated in some other way. Drostan doesn't work for free!

Speaking of which, I had a chance to sit down and go over some of the pages I "liberated". More illustrations by the Mad Monk of Heligoland. Much of the text has been rendered illegible due to water damage... and my own subterfuge. Had to tuck the pages in my knickers while crossing the security checkpoint.

Let's just say there's not a lot of extra room in there for antiquities.

But better folded up in my trousers than framed in some Nazi estate.

Note 2:


Did a quick rendering of the pages here. Not my best work, but helps to dissect the layered symbolism when I drawn them myself.

Four Knights
Symbol of guarding. Protecting
Black Wings?
Regal sword

I believe this is the monk
He thinks the Knights are angels?
Worship or Fear?

sword lacks a pommel

Why the dark wings?
Not angelic

The monk is no expert on armor or weapon... but why wings? Makes no sense

Note 3:


The text, from what I can decipher; relates the story of how this monk arrived on Heligoland to convert the locals to his faith. They weren't having it. Decided he would be their next sacrifice to dear old Nerthus.

Not a kindly goddess

Apparently, These four knights arrived in time to save his keister. Record gets kinda loopy then. Winds and lightning and magic weapons. Dead cultists.

He ended up alone on that island "guarding the raven's egg" he wrote. The he died.

Note 4:


things would happen on that island. Fog rolling in with sounds that... didn't belong.

I got headaches with some frequency. Himmler said Heligoland was the German Atlantis, a nexus point of electromagnetic energy.

I didn't find anything to validate that, but did uncover some artifacts that resembled paleo-Indian tools, like those found amongs the Yaghan. Odd.

The tools caused any electronics to go haywire when brought near, and our radio would screech unless we tuned it to 38.9, 39.7... after a minute we heard voices.

I threw the radio into the sea that night.


Several references to the Raven Lords and ancient German mythology, mythology where Ahnenerbe believed in sand did research to. Shout out to @certainpersonio for his Atlantis theme coming back, and @Silv3r Energy's "South America" as well. Well folks, I'm coming back on this later this weekend when I have more time. Just some brain food in advance for tonight! Soon I will update the OP with a breakdown

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On 7-4-2018 at 4:02 PM, certainpersonio said:

Context clues strongly suggest the 4 knights the monk depicts are the Raven Lords. I also went through the trouble and compared the images of the two groups:




I think it lines up pretty well. I feel strongly about 1 & 3, but 2 & 4 might be incorrect?

I think that's a neat comparison. Now our mysterious Raven Knights get a face. Also keep in mind that there is a complete Raven Order as well.


"A secret organization, a cabal dedicated to keeping this hidden. Soldiers, artists, engineers-I don’t know how deep this goes. But Straub is now aware of this. You need to be aware as well." - Klaus Fischer

The Raven Lords were probably the founders of this organisation. I think the Raven Order is also behind the code Raven-lock in Mittelburg, that hide the Hilt of Barbarossa's sword. Klaus Fischer said that there were also artists in the Raven Order. The painters of the stolen paintings in Mittelburg were probably so as well: They hide the code (Roman number with Raven symbol) in their paintings, the code of the Raven-lock. I think this is the reason why there are (stolen) paintings in an Ahnenerbe research facility.  



I have not bought the Darkest Shore DLC yet, but how does that Monk thing work? Is that a skeleton that died long ago, or a real recent-dead body? Because if the latter, how could that be the Monk who got saved by the Raven Lords in the Middle Ages? 


I found something that might explain the everlasting life of this Monk, though I'm not sure. So Himmler said that Heligoland was the German Atlantis, and a nexus point of electromagnetic energy:


In Atlantis, an etheric energy matrix existed beneath the earth's surface, providing a lattice network for such activities as telepathic communication and healing. This matrix was known as a grid, which is defined as a network of uniformly spaced horizontal and vertical bars or lines, especially one for locating points when placed over a map, a chart, building plan, etc.

This grid was a system of electromagnetic frequencies created through worldwide linkages, made by human thought waves and energy transmitted by the Earth and through crystals

Perhaps this is the case with Heligoland as well. The healing power of the energy kept the Monk alive for so long, being only able to die by human hands, and not by time. But why is Heligoland a nexus-location where this extraordinary energy exists? It could be because of something ancient, something that has ties with Hollow Earth and extraterrestrials, but it could also be because of another reason: The pommel of Barbarossa's sword. The Raven Order hided this Geistkraft emitting object in a temple deep under Heligoland. Remember that the hilt of the sword had some kind of electromagnetic forcefield around it in Mittelburg: Prove that the Geistkraft that the Sword parts emit contains something electromagnetic. Perhaps it is that what it is: Some type of very pure and concentrated electromagnetic pulse/force. But Geistkraft is capable of more things. In the Proplogue, when Marie Fischer enters Großen Haus for the first time, she says the following:


The Nazis used the energy from the dead to unlock the arms cashe....how efficient.

So Ahnenerbe has applied the Geistkraft already on the German Warmachine. It goes way further than only arm cashes: Straubs undead army. According to SHG, the zombies are kinda "tortured to life". The Ahnenerbe scientists that work on the undead, espessially Straub, are very specialised in the human brain, spine and nerves, which are all connected with each other. You can see pictures of these things across the underground Mittelburg facility as well. I think the Geistkraft is not only is used to "resurrect" the dead men's mind, but also to shock their nerves and spine (this is where the steel pins are for) with the electromagnetic pulse and "torture" them. The zombies are the victims. They are resurrected with pain.


About the Yaghan: A tribe living in the most Southern part of South America. While Ahnenerbe wanted to do a research mission to the deep jungles of Bolivia, the icy and rocky Tierra del Fuego stayed out of sight. The Yaghan were no impressive pyramid or temple builders, though their religion and mythology does hold some interesting points. Two Yaghan myths are the Myth of the Sealion, and the Myth about the origin of Death. Their shamans are called Xon, believed to control weather and have healing powers. And they have something with whales:


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Dubbing the new form of energy obtained from the hilt 'Geistkraft', he discovered that it can be conducted through the human nervous system, which activates the most primitive parts of the human cerebellum. This energy is what 'preserves' the undead, as well as drive them. Straub also discovers that by triggering the pain receptors of the corpses, he can augment the zombie's strength and speed.


Geistkraft - the name I have given this new form of energy. It can be conducted through the human nervous systems activating the most primitive parts of the human cerebellum.


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