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The Darkest Shore discussion

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So do you like this map? What's good and what's bad, would like to hear other peoples opinions :)


Personally, I think this is not as strong map as The Final Reich, but still nowhere near the worst zombies maps. The wonder weapon is great, it's innovative, powerful, but not overpowered. One of the things I like is that it takes your melee weapon slot instead of a normal weapon slot since it has pretty low ammo count. It's also very easy to build but you need to pay to get it, which I also like. The fog is something I don't really know if it's a good or a bad thing. It comes every few round with this new spider looking zombie, it slows down the regular zombies, at least on the lower grounds and limits your visibility greatly. It's better than whatever fog we had in Tranzit, but still I think the map wouldn't have suffered if it was left out. The start of the map is pretty amazing and different from the usual. First time I started the map I actually panicked a bit XD. What I don't like is the maps layout, but that might just be because I'm not so familiar with it yet. 

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I don't have the map, but I'm thinking about purchasing it. But because I don't have it yet, gameplay-wise, I have no opinion. About the story, I think this map has done great so far! Who the corpse at the door is, is a mystery comparable with the hanging man in Shi No Nina. Is it Doctor Richter, the inventor of the Tesla Gun? Probably not, since the cut-off head is from him, which is not the head that originated from the corpse. Is it Red Hiking Hood, the mysterious man from the audio files? And why does it say (from what I've heard): "I'm on your side" when using the head to open a door. It's a truly gruesome and fucked up system, and I like it. 


The Meuchlers are said to be the most intelligent creatures of doctor Strain's breeds, and all they say is mutter (mother in German). Are they referring or possibly even obeying Nerthus. There is definitely something between those two.


What has Nerthus to do with Emperor Barbarossa?


Who is Ravencrown? Why doesn't he help? Why Raven?


What happened between the two maps?

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Nice, didn't knew you had a YouTube channel. Gotta watch some old Zombie Championship videos as well.

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On 3/10/2018 at 7:10 AM, anonymous said:

Nice, didn't knew you had a YouTube channel. Gotta watch some old Zombie Championship videos as well.

Yea haha it is mostly for the challenges and so my friends can watch our first playthroughs. 

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