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Groesten Haus General information thread


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I will keep adding things to this thread to make a library of information. Suggestions welcomed!


The Reddit has a lot of information. SOURCE and Credit


Unlocking the Mystery Box Room

Shoot 10 lanterns around the map. Once done the room will be opened. This can be done in the Prologue as well.

Queen's video

Pack-A-Punched Mystery Box

  1. Obtain Jack-In-The-Boxes from the Mystery Box.

  2. Throw a Jack-In-The-Box on top of a beam above the staircase near the MP-40.

  3. Give the piano next to the Mystery Box room 9999 Jolts.

  4. You can now obtain Pack-A-Punched weapons from the Mystery Box.

Queen's Video


You can purchase Armor for 500 Jolts, and every time you have to re-buy Armor it costs more Jolts. Armor will save you from being downed 3 times. After the 3rd time your armor is depleted and you have to purchase more at an Armor station. Armor is downstairs near the STG44 wall buy.




Perk Cost Location Description
Lebenblitz (Solo) - Random Blitz Machine While solo, Lebenblitz automatically revives the user, but is limited to 3 uses.
Lebenblitz (Co-op) - Random Blitz Machine While cooperating with others, Lebenblitz increases how fast you revive allies.
Laufenblitz - Random Blitz Machine Laufenblitz ensures your legs keep moving and never tire. Gain increased sprint speed and sprint indefinitely.
Faustblitz - Random Blitz Machine Faustblitz makes every strike your best. Your melee damage is increased.
Schnellblitz - Random Blitz Machine With Schnellblitz, your weapon feels like an extension of you, as if you have used it your whole life. Gain increased reload speed.
Schildblitz - Random Blitz Machine Schildblitz will protect you when your gun cannot. A burst of damaging electricity comes forth when you reload.
Kugelblitz - Random Blitz Machine With Kugelblitz, your weapons have new life, increasing their damage output.
Random Blitz Machine 2000 Jolts Upstairs Grants the user a random Blitz; Requires time to reset after use.



There are 3 weapons on the wall Gröesten Haus and many more in the Mystery Box.

Weapon Name Cost Location
STG44 1000 Jolts Downstairs
MP-40 1000 Jolts Downstairs
Winchester 1897 1000 Jolts Upstairs

Assault Rifles

Weapon Name PaP Name How To Acquire Cost Wall Location(s)
M1941 Emma-Gee Mystery Box - -
M1 Garand G.O.A.T. Mystery Box - -
M1A1 Carbine M2 Carbine Mystery Box - -
FG 42 Device 450 Mystery Box - -
BAR FU-BAR Mystery Box - -
SVT-40 AVT-40 Mystery Box - -


Weapon Name PaP Name How To Acquire Cost Wall Location(s)
PPSh-41 Dedushka Mystery Box - -
Type 100 Blood Type Mystery Box - -
Waffe 28 Flapjack Mystery Box - -
Grease Gun The Greaser Mystery Box - -
M1928 Chicago Typewriter Mystery Box - -


Weapon Name PaP Name How To Acquire Cost Wall Location(s)
Toggle Action Lucky Mystery Box - -
M30 Luftwaffe Drilling Trips Mystery Box - -
Sawed-Off Shotgun Winchester's Last Model Mystery Box - -

Light Machine Guns

Weapon Name PaP Name How To Acquire Cost Wall Location(s)
Lewis Belgian Rattlesnake Mystery Box - -
MG 15 Chatterbox Mystery Box - -
Bren Ronnie Mystery Box - -
MG 42 Bone Saw Mystery Box - -

Sniper Rifles

Weapon Name PaP Name How To Acquire Cost Wall Location(s)
Lee Enfield Smiley Mystery Box - -
Karabin White Death Mystery Box - -
M1903 Illinois Mystery Box - -
Kar98k War Model Starting Weapon - -


Weapon Name PaP Name How To Acquire Cost Wall Location(s)
1911 Bacon and Eggs Mystery Box - -
P-08 G.I.'s Souvenir Mystery Box - -
Machine Pistol Red 9 Mystery Box - -

Special Weapons

Weapon Name PaP Name How To Acquire
Jack-in-the-Box - Mystery Box
Shovel - Starting Weapon



There are a number of Power-Ups that can be obtained by killing Zombies or through Consumables.

Name Description Duration
Toten-Griff (Insta-Kill) Allows all players to insta-kill all normal zombies. 30 Seconds
Taschen voll (Max Ammo) Refills the ammo reserve of all held weapons for every player. -
Elektromagnet Players receive double the amount of Jolts for the duration of the power-up. 30 Seconds
Eclipse Kills all normal zombies on the map at once. -
Fire Sale Makes the Mystery Box cost ??? Jolts for the duration of the power-up. ???
Überladen (Full Meter) Refills your special ability meter -


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Aaand don't forget the piano sound "Easter egg". Nah that's just a neat gameplay addition. Speaking about secrets: Anyone ever noticed the green book laying on the ground upstairs at the Armor-side of the house? The player is able to read it, and I tried so today, but zombies continued to backstab me and so I could only read small parts. It's in German, saying some things about "Germany's future" and "be prepared". I tried to read more but I died :(. Perhaps it's nothing but if anyone ever feels like to check out....appreciated.

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2 minutes ago, Joe Tyce said:

Anyone know how to get the yellow/red blinking lights that you shoot with the subsonic sniper rifle to spawn, shooting those with the sub sonic kills all the zombies aroune you but i cant get them to show up

I didn't know this. What subsonic sniper do you mean and where is the light located that you mean? I am genuine willing to find out as soon as I get my hands on my WW2 disc again

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