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Points, money, coins, or whatever you call it


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Olla everybody! With having a new device to enter the Aetherial cloud of CoDZ, I'm able to post new topic on the forums again. This time I would like to talk about the canonity of points, money or whatever you like to call them.


Points. Probably the most essential game element in zombies. You need them to survive. With points, you are able to clear debris, buy doors, weapons, Perk-a-Cola's and gobblegum and upgrade your weapons. Without points, you would be a dead man even before round 5. But is there a story behind this necessary game element? Our dear member MonopolyMac once posted an idea about it on this site, and it was that idea that made me create this post.


So, according to Mac's theory, points is in fact the deeply unstable Element 115. You “harvest” it by killing the 115-infected undead, and use it to transport objects (weapons) from another place and time to your current space-time, via the Aether. To visualize this a bit, think of a picture of a wormhole.



“115 is the fabric of space-time” was said in the Shadows scrap paper. It sounds very complicated, and while it indeed is, I think you could simplify it a bit with the following. 3-dimensional matter, like ourselves, our house and everything around us exists of atoms, or quarks. Space-time is something in a higher dimension, possibly the fourth, but it works in a way the same: it is built up by something. Element 115! Don’t try to visualize this, because if you do your brain will explode, but compare it with the previous mentioned matter, that is built up by quarks. Or even more simple; like a house built up by bricks. Element 115 is the fabric of space-time. It is because of that that 115 is so unstable: it should not have a 3D form on Earth. It should not even exist in our 3D universe. It basically “wants” to flip back to the dimension it belongs to: the Aether. Like negative ions/electrons always try to flow over to a positive charged object/area. It may be because of that, that consuming or having 115 in your body connects your mind to the Aether. So basically, the Aether IS 115, which IS space-time. You must also know that the Aether, another dimension, is around us. Among us. We cannot see it with our senses, but we can use it: Think of devices like the MPD which have the ability to use the Aether as a conduit for communication. But that communication, like all other radio forms, can only be utilized if the frequencies that it uses are not blocked or receiving interference.


An EMP, an Electromagnetic Pulse, basically creates an explosion of electromagnetic noise that blocks radio waves and fries circuitry. So as long as the pulse is active, the controller cannot communicate, as the frequencies are all blocked by radio noise. When throwing an EMP near the magic box, the box closes. When throwing an EMP near a Perk-a-Cola machine, the machine will temporary not work. When throwing an EMP near a group of zombies, the light in the eyes of them will vanish and the zombies become passive. All because the EMP has temporary severed the connection between Aether/115 and the concerning object or subject. But this is also proof that zombies are revitalised by 115 due to its electromagnetic properties. Remember how in the Tranzit EE, zombies had to be killed under the pylon to collect that energy?


So the Apothicans did something against the law of the multiverse: They send the fabric of space-time in a 3D form (rocks) to a dimension it does not belong to: our 3th dimension. Eventually this would lead to the existence of living dead, and our characters combatting them. When killing zombies, the characters somehow receive Element 115. With this, we are able to manipulate the space-time.


When we clear a debris, one can see electric pulses “pulling” the debris away. This is definitely proof that there are higher forces working here. Aethereal forces. By using the 115 from zombies, the player, or a higher Aethereal entity (I'm not gonna discuss who or what), space-time can be manipulated, and the debris is basically pulled away through Aether. Possibly teleported to another place and time. Think of the wormhole picture again. The same goes for the Perk-a-Cola machines. In Shi No Numa and No Man's Land, you can even see the machines being teleported there, from another place and time. There are a few exceptions of course: Speed, Quick Revive, Jugg and Double Tap already existed in the Verrückt Asylum, and PhD and Stamin-up in Ascension. But most of the Perk machines we use, are brought there through space-time by a higher being to our current location. For weapons it goes the same: weapons from another time and place it is brought to a certain place. The player only needs to give his/hers 115 in order to manipulate the 115, the fabric of space time. With this, we are able to explain the presence of futuristic assault rifles in WW2.



The same goes for the box. Except we know for sure that the magic box (or Devil’s Box, as called by Russman) is in direct control of the occupant of the MPD. Who knows are perks, wallweapons and doors that too, but I leave that open to discussion. In case of the box, the Teddy bear is proof that the one in the MPD is behind it.



Also note the similarity in response the mystery box has to the EMP. The EMP interrupts the signal from the MPD, locking the controller out of his Aethereal access to that area, ergo, he can no longer 'insert' weapons or objects into that time via the portal known as the mystery box due to that disconnect. Note that the box is still there, the same way the guns you have previously purchased are still there because they have already been completely manifested and are now physical and out of the reach of the controller. However, the guns remain guns and the box remains nothing but a box.- NaBrZHunter


This theory is not completely flawless. The 20 points you receive when you lay down in front of the Speed Cola machine. We know Perks are made of 115, so maybe this machine leaks. And when rebuilding barriers, why do we receive points (115) when we do that? I have really no explanation for that. And why would Samantha help Richthofen by providing him perks and weapons? Makes no sense to me. Anyway, it might be a nice thought when playing Zombies that your points is actually 115.

Have a great day!

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4 hours ago, Rissole25 said:

Don't forget about the Moneybags feature in Vulture Aid. You'll get some really small points with that. Not sure if that helps or hinders your theory though.

Vulture Aid is a perk that helps you see and use things that you usually don't see. Maybe the moneybags are the things you normally "harvest" of dead zombie bodies. I mean, it would be odd if the player has to loot and grab the 115/points from a dead zombie body every time. So Vulture Aid basically helps us to see the 115 of dead bodies, what we usually not see.


But when having Vulture Aid, you still gain normal points by killing zombies. Maybe normal points is 115 in a form of radiation, gas or possibly plasma. The moneybags could be 115 is a solid or liquid form, but so little that we normally cannot see with our bare eyes. Only with vulture eyes.

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When rebuilding the barriers in The Giant, Richtofen talks about how perhaps it happens by telekinesis. I would say that all the 115 we earn in the form of "points" is not given to us by the controller, but we more or less steal it. The controller has to make the sacrifice, though, because 115 is needed in order to animate the zombies. Once a zombie is so riddled that it bleeds out, that 115 pumps out and is no longer in use by the controller. Again, like you talked about, it is a conduit. But when it is not within a creature, it is useless to the controller. Thus, it is ours to use. 


That does raise another question, though. Why does killing them give the controller more power?

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On 9/3/2017 at 8:32 PM, NaBrZHunter said:

That does raise another question, though. Why does killing them give the controller more power?

How exactly do you mean? I see every attacking zombie as an attempt of the controller to kill the characters. He doesn't gain any power by (indirectly) attacking us, but he just wants us to die. And he succeeds... How many games have we all played in which we die before completing a Main Quest?

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