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Maxis's Grand Scheme


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With the end of Black Ops I, and the release of Black Ops II, it did not only seemed that Doctor Richthofen was a betrayal of his "friends", but also an ultimate evil. Corrupted by the Dark Apothican Power that lays within the MPD, he seemed to be a sadistic mind that wants only more power, and actually tries to gain that by enlisting a group of survivors who have to "mend the Rift".



Reasons why Richthofen is evil:

> When Earth is blown up, only to decrease Richthofen's Aetherial power, the Doctor's first reaction is:


Awww, is that all the damage the rockets did? I was hoping for less ground and more lava.

>He constantly mocks and humiliates the survivors who help him.

>He tries to blackmail Samuel Stulinger.

>He sends the Jumping Jacks to Victis

>He plays sadistic games with surviving humans (Grief and Turned)

>He was evil all along: It was terrible how he behaved and what he did to his testsubjects and colleagues.



Doctor Maxis seems to be the good and sane guy in Black Ops II, and even when his final goal is revealed at the end of Buried, you have to admit that his "saving his daughter" quest seems far better than Richthofen's quest to Ultimate Power. Right? If so, I'm gonna try to change that thought.


Let's recap a bit, shall we? We go back to the time Richthofen has done his Grand Scheme: He has entered the Moon Pyramid Device, a device capable of absolute power. Betrayed and left behind in Griffin Station, Nikolai, Takeo, Dempsey and Samantha hear the voice of Maxis.


"Good. Now that I am in control of the station, we have one last chance to sever Edwards link with Earth. I will calculate the position, retrieve the artifact, and take it to the launch platform."

Maxis' plan was to sever to connection between the electromagnetic Aether and the MPD with Richthofen inside, by shooting three rockets to Earth. 3 rockets, you may ask, aren't that a bit to less rockets to blow up Moon? You're right: In Der Eisendrache, about 20 rockets were needed to blow up Moon into smaller pieces, even while the Moon is much smaller than Earth. But the rockets send by Maxis from Griffin Station were no normal rockets, at least, they did contain something normal. It is an Vril artifact, namely, the Vril "Egg". But @Rissole25 has noticed something interested with the Vril Egg: Once you throw a Gersch Device on the Egg, in order to teleport it to the rockets, something odd happens

At a certain point in this video, you will notice that not 1, but 3 eggs appear out of a portal next to the three rockets. So the Aether has somehow tripled the Vril artifact, so each rocket is able to carry one! The result of changing these relatively harmless misses into devastating rockets with the power of Vril, is the following:


Maxis contacts the remaining members of Ultimis through the station’s electronics and asks for their help to defeat Richtofen.  They agree. They launch missiles at Earth, leaving it fractured and broken.  They sever Richtofen’s connection with the Aether, but he maintains control over the zombies.  


The Earth fracturing triggers further Temporal Rifts

The rockets have a lot of dust as result, blocking sunlight, and having HUGE effects for the life on Earth.


But besides these unfortunate side effects, the missile's succeed in Maxis's goal: To create a Rift to sever Richthofen's connection with the Aether, and therefore decrease his power and the "potential damage he could cause". At least, this was Maxis's goal, right? No. I believe this was the beginning of Maxis's Grand Scheme.


So Maxis's Grand Scheme immediately starts after Richthofen's Grand Scheme has ended. Richthofen enters the MPD, gains acces to the Aether, and Maxis sends rockets containing a Vril artifact to Earth in order to create a Rift that severs Richthofen's connection with the Aether. Now let's continue and look to Black Ops II.


In Black Ops II, both Richthofen and Maxis try to enlist Victis to construct three so-called polarization devices.


The polarization devices exist of two parts: The NAVtable and the obilisk. The obilisk is simply an antenna or tower, needed to radiocast the signal of the NAVtable. The NAVtable exists of a table, a radio, a NAVcard, a NAVcard reader and most importantly: A small rock containing Element 115.


What location the NAV(igation)cards hold, is unknown. It is possible they all lead to the Rift, at Buried, although each NAVcard seems to fit in only one specific polarization device: Either the one in Washington State, or the one in Shanghai, or the one in the Angolan mine. This makes me think that all the NAVcards cannot lead to the same place (the Rift), because if that's the case, all NAVcards should fit in each Polarization Device.


So Victis builds the Polarization Devices at three locations: Hanford Site, Shanghai and an Angolan Mine. What's next? What do Richthofen and Maxis want? You must know that with the power of the three polarization devices, one can manipulate the Aether and open or close the Rift. But what is the Rift exactly? I've explained it in this post, but I will summarize it here.

Rifts are permanent portals that are basically tears, or cracks in one universe or fracture, connecting it with another universe or fracture. A Rift goes through the Aether, and therefore Apothicans are able to enter a universe via a fully opened Rift. You could see the Rift in Black Ops II as in a neutral stage: not fully opened, not fully closed.


As said before, the Rift severs Richthofen's connection with the Aether, so Richthofen wants to mend it: Close it or heal it. This will increase Richthofen's power over the Aether, but it also causes that this universe is not bleeding and not vulnerable for the Apothicans anymore. You can say that Richthofen's side is the least bad side. Maybe even good.


Maxis side is not so good. His goal is to open the Rift, in order to reach Agartha, the most powerful place in the Multiverse, together with his daughter Samantha. But opening the Rift also has a nasty side effect: It allows the Apothicans to enter that universe and consume it.



December 31st, 2035 - BURIED

They (Victis) activate the final polarization device in Maxis’ favor.  Now corrupted by the Dark Aether, he reveals his true intentions to Victis and punishes Richtofen by trapping his soul in a zombie.  


January 19th, 2036
Maxis destroys Earth and all its surviving inhabitants.

Remember this odd thing: Maxis goes to Agartha in December 31th, 2035, and that Earth is destroyed 19 days later, while Maxis says:


Maxis: The process has begun! Now I control the aether energy! I can, at last, reach Agartha!

Richthofen: Ah, You fools! Why did you listen to him?

Maxis: Regretfully, I must inform you that neither the Earth, nor its people will survive.


Richthofen: Ah, I tried so hard to warn you. DUMMKOPF!

We always used to think that Earth is destroyed only because Maxis enters Agartha, but it might have another reason: The Apothicans. In Shadows of Evil we see that the Apothicans won't immediately destroy that universe when they enter it. Consuming a universe is a slow process, a process that might take 19 days.


So now the big question is: Was letting the Apothicans in that universe an unfortunate side effect in Maxis's race to power, or was it Maxis's plan all along. He was corrupted by the Dark Aether after all.


Lets go back to the Fluffy Incident


October 13th, 1945
Maxis is teleported to the Crazy Place and develops the power to merge with electricity.

My best guess is that is was here where he was corrupted, since after having entered the Crazy Place, he is in the computer system of Griffin Satatipn the whole time. And he will definately not become corrupted by the Dark Aether in a computer, so it must have happened here. Shortly after this event:


October 13th, 1945
In an effort to free Samantha, Maxis approaches the MPD and persuades her to come out. Once she does, Maxis gives her an instruction to “Kill them… all.” Maxis kills himself and merges with the technology of Griffin Station, while Samantha unleashes the undead upon the base.

Here, Maxis's Grand Scheme actually begins already. If he had Samantha with him, why would he kill himself? He knew about entering the Griffin Station system, shooting the rockets to Earth, the Rift, the Polarization Devices, Agatha and the Apothicans. He was corrupted, and his plan to enter Agartha and let the Apothicans consume this universe began here.


So yeah, Richthofen might be a selfish and insane person, but what he did during BO2, prevents that universe ultimate doom: Brimstone to Damnation. Apokalypse. Ragnarok. Revelations. Of course, he did it for his own power, but he wanted to save the universe. Sending Jumping Jacks, zombies and mocking the survivors were only efforts to let Victis listen to him. He did not realized that if he was more kind and polite, like Maxis, he might have achieved more. Now HE looked like the bad guy, instead of the opposite.


Maxis is way more dangerous. While he was corrupted by the Dark Aether, he talked very kind and polite, like the Shadowman, which is way more scary.

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This is just shows the middle and left rockets, but the right rocket (behind me in this image) also has a Gersch portal too. Thought I'd take a snapshot instead of you guys having to sit through the video haha.

With Maxis destroying the Earth, I do want to think that Apothicons did come in, but it's the wording in the Timeline that has me questioning. Dimension 63 has  "The Apothicons destroy Dimension 63" written. So it's specifically stated and that it's a whole dimension. Whereas with ours it mentions just Maxis destroying our Earth (and killing everyone), but not specifically our Dimension. It doesn't mean it didn't happen, but I feel like they would've been specific if the Apothicons came in. However the Timeline does have errors (mainly spelling) so it could just be a case of just being really simple in that statement. Which brings me to my next point.

I agree with you on everything else. And that Maxis somehow got corrupted when going to The Crazy Place, even though it's not really stated. He was a really, really shitty father beforehand, but it's after where his actions seem more evil then Richtofen's. The problem is that we play in The Crazy Place, and we don't "gain" electricity powers or go mad. So I'm not really sure how it happened to him (which they really should've explained). But it is called The Crazy Place. And we still don't really understand it fully, so I have no problem seeing that as where he got corrupted.

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Thank you for the image. I agree that the statement in the timeline is written a bit odd. "Maxis destroys Earth". I think it is written down like that because the players have experienced it like that. Only with further thinking we can guess that it actually were the Apothicans consuming the entire universe (not even dimension, that something else. Treyarch is pretty bad in formulating things). Since Earth lays within this universe, and it is actually Maxis's fault, the statement is still correct. "Maxis (let the Apothicans in and therefore) destroys (that universe including) Earth. It would explain the wallwriting about "Brimstone and Damnation": A message from Monty, who knew this would happen. The consuming of a universe by Apothicans seem to be the worst thing that can happen. Worse than a burning Earth with undead inhabitants. It is the true Apokalypse.


The Crazy Place, an everlasting mystery. Undead creatures living in this realm wear the Schwarze Sonne symbol: A symbol tied with the myth of Agartha, only seen before on the Shangri La loading screen and on the Keepers chest. Besides that, the place is full of 115-rocks, and it acquires a gateway to Agartha. What do you think it is?

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I agree Maxis is not as innocent as he seems. I'd even be willing to say he is responsible for Richtofen's descent into madness when he was unimpressed by Richtofen and Schuster's work on the MTD. I think all his time working with 115 to create an undead army drove him mad, making him just as manic and unpredictable, i.e. killing himself in front of his daughter and having him murder all his former colleagues for some sick revenge.


I was also of the belief Maxis was evil ever since Moon when he cackled maniacally as he launched the rockets. Sure he was trying to undermine the evil Edward Richtofen, but he did not care about the loss of life whatsoever.


Honestly I can see how he could have been evil since the Der Riese radios where he screams at Richtofen for simply speaking, calling him a fool. No wonder Richtofen wanted him dead in the end.


As for unleashing the Apothicons, I can see that being a motivation, however I'd be more inclined to say he just wanted to undermine Richtofen and reunite with the only one he cares about, Sam, no matter the cost.

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It might indeed be all the work with 115 he has done that drove him insane. The "kill them all" moment was indeed a pretty sick revenge, and no sane person would say that, so I guess he was corrupted already by that time.


I've played Origins (BO2) today, and I had some thoughts about the Crazy Place. First of all, the teleportation towards it is blue, like MTD portals, instead of the red Rift portals in BO3. The blue teleportation with MTD's in BO1 and WaW are changed to purple in BO3. That colour (purple), together with the fact that the MTD made Fluffy a Hellhound, is prove that the part of the Aether a Matter Transference Device sends you through, is the Dark Aether. So a blue portal would probably mean Dark Aether--> the Crazy Place is at least accessible via the Dark Aether. The area has 115 rocks all over the place, which reminds me of the Apothican Sun and the huge amount of the Element the Apothicans shoot to Earth. The Zombies wearing the Schwarze Sonne, a symbol related to the Keepers, could be corrupted Keepers, or corrupted Keeper-serving knights. These zombies try to stop you freeing Samantha, "one step into the right direction" according to Keeper Monty.

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