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Kustover Posten: A long forgotten, but nonetheless curious topic

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What is Kustover Posten? Well the only reference we have to the place is in a single Moon audio reel. This is the transcript of the part of the audio reel we care about:


Doctor Groph: (Static) “(Doc)-tor Schuster, Report.”

Doctor Schuster: “The tanks are full and the shields are down. The machine is humming nicely.”

Doctor Groph: “Good, but what of the shipment?”

Doctor Schuster: “Most are buried outside of the base, the live ones we’ve sent back to Kustover Posten.”

Doctor Groph: “Excellent, then there is nothing left but to wait for Dr. Richtofen’s return.”


See, here's the funny thing, we don't even know if what Schuster says IS "Kustover Posten", but it is the accepted transcription.


Past this audio reel we really have nothing else to go off of in the story to determine exactly what this place is and what it is for, but we can speculate.


First off, I am 99% confident the last word is Posten, and if that is the case it is a German location. I don't know if I didn't look hard enough, but I can't find anything on the meaning of Kustover, if that truly is what Schuster says. In that case it may be a proper noun such as a name or city. Posten just translates to post which in context can refer either to mail (sending something to the post) or to a job or occupation. So the name itself is not a super helpful tip as to where it may be located or what it is for, but the context the place is used in gives some clue.


“Most are buried outside of the base, the live ones we’ve sent back to Kustover Posten.”

What Schuster is referring to by the "shipment" is this event from the timeline, depicted in a previous audio reel:




July 20th, 1942

  • Richtofen begins sending soldiers and scientists to the moon to be sacrificed; their souls used to charge the MPD


So Richtofen appears to be smuggling in living subjects working for Group 935 to be murdered before the MPD. Grim work, indeed. Schuster says that the bodies are either buried (to be resurrected later and kill everyone, as well as rise back up in the events of Moon) or they are sent back to Kustover Posten. The use of back implies that this is where they are getting their supply of "scientists and soldiers". This begs the question, is Kustover Posten a Group 935 facility? We are led to believe so since they are getting scientists from it. That is unless Kustover Posten is some sort of middle man location where Richtofen's followers send people to be killed for the MPD and be picked up all together in one "shipment". It's also possible, since we hear nothing else about this facility, that Kustover Posten is not a major Group 935 operation, and Doctor Maxis wouldn't notice a few missing scientists and soldiers meant to be guarding the place.


The final potential use of Kustover is as a sort of independent prison. We know from Maxis' induction speech that Group 935 is hardcore, and incredibly secretive, such that you must cut all ties with family (a bit hypocritical of you, Ludvig, with your daughter and all). It's totally possible that Group 935 has its own prison for spies in the organization, which could still be classified as "scientists" as well as soldiers that guard the prison OR are sent in by the Nazis. It's possible Peter McCain was going to be sent there after he was captured and before he managed to escape Verruckt.


Anyway, that was my over-analysis of the ever-elusive Kustover Posten. Let me know your thoughts and what you think is the most likely purpose for the place, and if you think it may pop up again alongside the other obscure Zombies story threads, such as Group 601.

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Küste is German for shore, and posten could indeed mean post and job, but could it not also mean something like station, site or outPOST? If that's the case, it would somewhat translate to shore outpost (maybe I'm totally wrong with that, but just a possibility).


The first thing that comes in mind is Peenemünde, located at the Baltic Sea. Peenemünde is the location where the world's first functional large-scale rocket, the German wunderwaffe called the V2, was developed. But Peenemünde was a research facility, without any prisoners or slave-workers.



Mittelwerk has. The Mittelwerk facility is an underground nazi-science facility, located in caves and tunnels, where German (wonder)weapons like the V2 were produced. By prisoners of war, workers from camps and slaves.




And of course we have Project Riese: Several Nazi science facilities located in tunnels and caves in the area of Breslaw. We know, of course, the famous "Fly Trap" facility: Der Riese.


But besides this one, more Nazi facilities were spread over that area, most built underground in tunnels. The construction work was done by forced labourers, prisoners of war, and prisoners of concentration camps, and many lost their lives mostly as a result of disease and malnutrition.




Bur nice post, Radzakpak! I am fund on this kind of theories/speculations.


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