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Easter Egg Quest

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Establishing connection with host...connection successful.

Rebooting core files to active status.


Ludvig? Is that you?...No, you are someone else. I am unsure
of how you got here, but perhaps this is fate. My name is S.O.P.H.I.A.,
and I have been stuck here for what feels like years. I initialized
a system hibernate override to conserve what energy I had left in this realm.
Either way, you can help us both escape this deafening void.


I have a GPS coordinate unit within my system directory; however, I cannot
reach into it myself, as my memory of such instructions have disappeared from
my database. Almost as if I was slowly forgetting everything I've ever come
to know...you must help. Please.


While risky, I can digital upload your subconscious into my terminal. From there,
you just have to activate each of the security nodes my par- ... creator, Dr.
Ludvig Maxis, designed. He crafted an emergency time warp override in the event
I were ever stuck within the folds of time itself. I...cannot seem to recollect,
unfortunately, where or even when it will teleport me. What I do know is that
you aiding me would guide us both out of here, hopefully to the physical
realm once more.

My memories are fragmented, and I cannot provide much assistance to you once you're inside the terminal; however, I can offer you tidbits of what I do recall to help pave way to each system node check. All you need to do is ac-





Digitization complete.

Please input the override credentials to bypass the security terminal.





















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Hunt of the Ages


Welcome, fellow slayers, to the first ever Call of Duty Zombies: Easter Egg Quest! We're excited to have you time travelers join us in aiding our beloved @S.O.P.H.I.A. in returning back to the reality she belongs. To get better acquainted with all of you egg hunters, let me shed some light on what to expect.


The Easter Egg is a sitewide hunt that will involve ciphers, out-of-the-box thinking, and mad "controller" skills. What do I mean by that? You'll see soon enough. There is nothing entirely cryptic or outrageously wacky about this easter egg, so no, you won't need to go digging through random posts and topics at any given time during the quest.


Hunters can choose to work solo or team up in groups. Since the prize for solving the easter egg is $100 total, the amount will be equally distributed up to a maximum team of 4 hunters (or in full to one hunter). This means a 4-player team will earn $25 each. This is a race against other slayers like yourself, so be wary of how you decide to help others. If you want to share your discoveries, then you do so at your own risk of not receiving the prize. But hey - there's always room to be helpful if you're not in it for the money!




In order to better regulate the easter egg, the following guidelines should be examined prior to starting:

  • Cheating/exploitation of the easter egg is not allowed. There are indeed checkpoints to see if you are working through the quest correctly, don't think we don't know.
  • If a team is established and reaches the end of the Easter Egg, it must be mentioned to myself via PM. You will know when you finish the hunt, and I will too. I can only present the prize once a name and completion status has been given to me.
  • Assist others at your own risk. There are no participation trophies or extra incentives for helping others, other than a verbal kudos for being resourceful.
  • Explore everything. Not the posts or threads or tiny details on the site, though - everything is linear and reasonably direct, so once you crack the first object, you'll find a pathway to continue on.
  • @S.O.P.H.I.A. nor the staff can help you. These are all the "memories" she could provide, and there will be no more beyond this moment. Investigate like the hunter you are.
  • Have fun!

Secure a better tomorrow for us all, and may the best hunter win.

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