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So in the trailer of Shaolin Shuffle, we get a slight glimpse of a new perk. Now before I go on about this, I do believe that this is not 100% confirmed and I am only going by what people have found in the games code and by leaks.


As you can see by the picture, the new perk is a green colour and its icon looks to be a sort of upper body / head logo. Apart from that there isn't really anything else that we can use to determine what the perk actually is.


Now I am sure a few of you guys will think what I instantly thought. Deadshot.


Going by what has been leaked on twitter and Reddit - There has been a perk in the games memory since IW got released called

"Deadeye Dewdrops"

also along with the name it also came with the cost of the perk and that being 4K points.


By the sounds of this, it looks like it's going to be or very similarly be deadshot from Treyarchs zombies.


In a way I am sort of happy as I loved the perk back in the day. But at the same point I'm a little dissapointed that if it is a deadshot remake then it's not really a "new" perk and it would only be something we've had before.


What is your thoughts? :)


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I wonder why they even bothered making another headshot-assist perk replica? Did they not see how flunky it was in Treyarch Zombies? I mean, the perk itself is not terrible, just underused because it's completely useless unless you're trying to make steady points in the first like 15 rounds of a match.


Even then, not worth the hassle when you could just save for Juggernog or another perk to hold you over. At least til your arsenal is ready.

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I would hope that future maps implement ways to get more than 5 perks outside of cards and the main easter egg quest. With so many perk options there should be ways within the map to get extra perks.


As for this perk in particular, hopefully they buffed it from its Treyarch counterpart, otherwise it may go unused.

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I liked deadshot in the old zombies. I wouldn't mind having some type of similar perk in IW but 4k seems like a lot for the perk. If i'm not mistaken, I believe it only cost 1.5k in the old games. 

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4 hours ago, Pskgusky said:

I liked deadshot in the old zombies. I wouldn't mind having some type of similar perk in IW but 4k seems like a lot for the perk. If i'm not mistaken, I believe it only cost 1.5k in the old games. 

4K is only the amount that was in the code and can be changed.


If the perk is going to be 4K then I hope it has something more than just deadshot for the price.

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