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Can't Duplicate Zombies


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On 2/11/2017 at 4:59 PM, RadZakpak said:

The only zombie duplicating glitch that I know works is having the two keepers that spawn when you pick up an item in the room during the ritual. When it ends they will respawn as zombies.

Often the parasites will respawn as zombies as well.


360 cloning still works. It makes the game slower, but you can get more points earlier. It is mostly just really amusing killing 40+ zombies on round 1, that's the real allure.


On 360, you can often get the 4 keepers from Subway to respawn as zombies also. When I open Waterfront, I open that rift to Subway, then I go down and get the perk cash, spawn the keeepers, then I pick up the ritual piece for 2 more keepers and then do the ritual. It helps to walk the whole way or only run the last bit before starting the ritual. Of course, this can result in extra keepers creating danger in the ritual area.

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