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First Image of Intro Cutscene


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Yesterday, Lee Ross from Infinity Ward (head for the Zombies mode in Infinite Warfare) tweeted out a very, very short sneak peak of the first thing we see in the intro scene for RitW:



Lots of discussion has been brewing, from what will stay/change in this new mode, including what's in store for the crew since we last saw them.

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20 hours ago, Rissole25 said:

I don't even play IW, but god damn I wish we had someone as open as Lee Ross is. Very refreshing to see him communicate with fans compared to Blundell and partially Jimmy.

 b-But didn't you like random unsolvable ciphers that revealed little useful information??? Or even intentionally troll tweets intended to make us over analyze every little word and picture???



Wow, it just hit me that Troll-linski left Treyarch before BO3 Zombies. Oh, how things have changed ;_;


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The thing is, Lee Ross keeps people in the dark but actively lets people know that him and the rest of the team are listening.


They ask for a snippet of what they're working on? He gives them the first thing we see for the intro cutscene.


Players want to know if certain glitches are fixed? He tells them they've been fixed.

People go nuts about the Rollercoaster "easter egg"? He livestreams a few hints regarding it.

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