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On 10/8/2021 at 5:59 PM, RadZakpak said:

I've gone through and made edits to Book 1 and updated every chapter so far in Book 1 and 2 on the site. I'm freezing work on Book 1 for a long time now, so now's the best time to read it if you've been putting it off! 



Would highly recommend anyone who hasn't read it yet to start reading this masterpiece. Its canon to everything we know about the story till the finest details.


What kind of things did you update? Grammar and typos or also content or additions of sentences? Also, can I just say how I love the fact you made Richtofen hate leberwurst in the beginning of the book while he loves it in the end (CotD radio), showing his change in character. Details like that make this story so great

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21 minutes ago, anonymous said:

What kind of things did you update? Grammar and typos or also content or additions of sentences? 

Mostly grammar and typos. The only major change is changing what Group 601 is and changing Kustover Posten to Kustenposten. With the latter change, I know in the beginning it likely referred to the Siberian Facility, being by the coast, but it developed such a mystery around it in the community that I'd like to keep it as a separate facility.

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