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Zombies in Spaceland Highest Scene


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Managed to get to scene 23 last night, didn't find pack-a-punch but the zombies are easy to train so it feels very similiar to the old style of zombies to me. Was trying to bank money as well (not sure if this is for teammates in that game or whether it carries over), so found myself with no ammo for a couple of rounds but still managed to keep the game going without killing any zombies. I was surprised how much fun ZIS was, and it's refreshing to have to hoarde properly again to pick up teammates rather than shooting the WW and being invincible, or using gobblegums. I haven't seen anything regarding ww's in ZIS yet, so hoping that there is nothing that is easy to camp with, but so far the gameplay seems pretty well balanced. 

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Round 28 solo. Shredder and Dischord. I want to say something. This map is a piece of shit. It is completely broken. Sometimes it is too easy (clowns, M1 with Eagle Eye, Arcade, Co-op) and sometimes it is a complete bitch (Obtaining WW, when multiple brutes spawn, doors costing 4000 in coop, No [easily accessible] Double-Upgrades, NEIL). My biggest problem was the Double Upgrades and X-Quisite uprgades. They are only obtainable by completing the EE. That makes me mad. Also, My record in Rings of Saturn is 105.

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Blackfire i can agree with you on a couple of the bull crap calls on how the map works especially on the 4000 door cost right off the bat. I've lost track of how many times I've had to point whore my ass off to open the door to journey because teammate have either left the game( which should lower the cost of the door like the cost of playing by yourself) or just plain not knowing how to actually help buy a door and CO-OP like the mode is ment to be played.


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