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Zombies In Spaceland Stream


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In case you missed the stream today, you can still check it out here.



Although I'm not getting the game, I'm actually impressed with it! The intro cutscene was pretty interesting and unique. It sets them up that they can pretty much do any situation and it would work. There are some pretty unique aspects not found in Treyarch's Zombies that I kind of wish were in there. Being able to play the Arcade games when you go down is cool! It gives you something to do instead of just boringly watching your teammates, plus it allows you to come back to life.

It will be interesting to see how this goes.


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12 hours ago, anonymous said:

How do you know that? What language/code is that?

I just matched the symbols up with arbitrary letters and treated it like a substitution cipher. The letters look a lot like their symbols in some cases. Look at "FROM" for a good example.


Edit: It might be real letters/symbols from somewhere but it wasn't necessary to know that to solve it. We'll see what else comes in the future but it might be worth it to investigate that further.

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