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Is It Worth Beating All The ee's For The Revelations Rewards?

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I've been debating it the last couple days. The Primis calling card is cool, Takeo's sword while cool is kinda useless on high rounds, and the PAP weapons from the box are kinda pointless as your already set up by that time, I don't really care for the XP, What do you guys think?

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Might be nice if your a completionist. It's possible having all the eggs done may lead something later in the future.

I don't know if this is a reward for just doing Revelations, or if you need all eggs done, but you spawn with a full MR6 and an RK5 in all maps once done. If you need all eggs to get that, I definitely recommend that.

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I'd say the rewards are worth it. I'm yet to do ZNS, because I truly do not like that map due to the spiders but I'll conquer my fear for this stuff

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Would like to point out that you can get the Revelations rewards without doing every EE, you just need the host to have done all of the other ones

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On 10/7/2016 at 8:10 PM, EVILTWIN321 said:

ZNS is the easiest map I've done an Easter egg on yet and I did all of them up until black ops 3 as I have a shitty internet connection rn. However ZNS is super easy on solo

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Really? I havent done any but was going to do DE solo because that looked the easiest. For ZNS you also need to factor in getting the skull, completing all challenges, building the upgraded KT4... All of that crap needs to happen before you even do the EE. Upgrading a bow and getting a ragnarok seems so much simpler... 

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