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What the Eye Colors of the Zombies could very well mean


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What the Eye Colors of the Zombies could very well mean


Alright, many of us have been wondering about what the eye colors of the zombies mean. It used to be simple, back when it represented who was in control. But that is clearly no longer the case. With all of the chaos in changing universes and such, we need a more solid and universal explanation for this mystery.


First, a quick recap of the eye colors we have seen:









And the one you weren't expecting... purple:



(This theory disregards the green eyed zombies as a gameplay mechanic.)


Now, I'm going to assume we have all seen the intro and teaser trailer for Revelations. In these, we see beyond the destroyed and shattered universe, and into the Aether beyond. We then see the sky and the Aether beyond split into two sides, red and blue. Each respective side has a massive sphere in the center. We can assume the blue sphere to be a massive sphere of pure liquid divinium. However, we haven't got a clear shot of the red sphere. We have seen it out of focus in the background for one brief shot. Perhaps this red sphere is also 115, and is the origin of the orange/red 115 from W@W, BO1, BO2, and MotD and SoE. We also see the wormholes, better known as "Rift Portals", all across BO3. These wormholes have one of three colors; red, blue, or purple.


You might be starting to see what I'm getting at here. The Keepers and main characters seem prone to using the red side of the Aether, and the Apothicons and other devices (like teleporters) seem prone to using the blue side of the Aether. But don't rush to the conclusion that these represent the "Light" and "Dark" Aethers. I actually think that this so-called "Light Aether" doesn't even exist. There are only the Dark Aether, and the Aether. You see, if that Blue Aether was in fact the Dark Aether, the Apothicons could easily pass over from the Dark Aether to the rest of the Aether. But what other color do we see, almost always associated with the Apothicons and the Dark Aether? Purple. The Margwa's teleportation, the Shadowman, the portal with the Apothicon Bow, the Apothicon Servant's shot, etc.


Now, for me to formally state my theory. I think that the eye color represents what part of the Aether's energies are being used to control the zombies. Yellow = Control not coming from the Aether's energies, Blue & Red = Blue & Red sides of the Aether's energies, Purple = Dark Aether.


Now, to check for specific circumstances that disprove this theory.

*Samantha had almost no knowledge of the Aether when she ran into the MPD, so it isn't out of the question that she wouldn't know how to use the MPD to truly manipulate the Aether's energies.

*Richtofen knew extensively about the Aether, and would know how to use the MPD effectively.

*When Maxis takes control in Buried, he probably couldn't care less about controlling the actual zombies because he is destroying the Earth anyway.

*Mob of the Dead takes place in some form of afterlife, and we know that upon death souls depart into the Aether. This one really isn't a stretch.

*Now for where they start getting more interesting. Origins, there are the normal yellow eyed zombies of Earth, and there are the blue eyed zombies of the ancient order of the Keepers and the Crazy Place. The Crazy Place is essencialy an in-between location between Earth and Agartha, and would most likely have to pass through the Aether at some point in that journey.

*Shadows of Evil, the zombies were most likely controlled by the Shadowman, but we really have no proof of anything here.

*Gorod Krovi, if this theory is anything to go off of, this is interesting. Who is in control here? Monty?

*And now we get to Revelations, where the map is split into sections and some are on the red side, some on the blue side, and others in between. We see red, blue, and yellow eyes/influence in this map.


I think this will be far more relevant when we learn more about these sides of the Aether and the Dark Aether in Revelations. Okay, I was not expecting to have to update this with further evidence and such until after Revelations released. I was wrong. In this "Origins Recap", we see the Shadowman in all his Apothicon glory. He is wearing an ornate garment of some sort, his mouth is filled with a yellow aura, and his entire body is lined with the same yellow aura. Then something interesting happens. He reaches out around him, seemingly pulling a blue energy from the area around him, and uses this energy to attack Richtofen. Is this him manipulating the Aether's energies without need of an external device like the MPD? If so, it seems that his role was beyond underplayed in Shadows of Evil. On that note, @Schrödinger pointed out to me a character created by Clark Ashton Smith. This character is named Mordiggian, and is a part of the Cthulhu Mythos. In my opinion, he has some quite interesting parallels with the Shadowman, and offers an explanation for the Shadowman's role being underplayed in Shadows of Evil.


Anyway, thanks for reading and let me know what you think of this theory.

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3 minutes ago, anonymous said:

I just realized: The Gersch device also has the colours purple, blue and red: The colours of the (dark) aether. 

And if purple is the dark Aether, I don't really understand the difference between red and blue. Can you explain it again?

I don't really know what the actual difference between the two is. We know that the Keepers typically use the red and the Apothicons typically use blue. I think the red and blue of the Aether are the "Aether's energies", and the Dark Aether doesn't have the same energy that the Aether does. I'm hoping for an explanation in Revelations.

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3 minutes ago, jonarthur said:

it seams impossible for them to answer all this questions in one map they should've gradually gave us info throughout the dlcs. we didn't learn anything but we're collecting souls, somehow we will use blood viles and going to the house the first 4 maps

They have given us a lot of answers, mainly in Gorod Krovi. They were doing a lot more than collecting the souls. They were eliminating all versions of themselves via interdimensional chain reaction to prevent the chaos across dimensions that they could cause that would threaten the "house" universe. They have filled in so many plotholes, and they have so much potential for Revelations.


It is definitely frustrating that they didn't space it out better, seeing as though DLC1 & 2 had so little storyline content.

1 minute ago, jonarthur said:

so we're gonna be where Sam was in world at war and black ops she did say during the Easter egg there are evil things there so maybe she was referring to that monster we see

She was debatably "in the Aether". She was inside the MPD which is a stable gateway/has a stable connection to the Aether. She was "in the Aether", but she was still anchored to that one universe.

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7 minutes ago, jonarthur said:

oh so turning the last version of them selves into kids by getting the souls is what makes the perfect universe so they can't repeat there actions?

Not exactly. They had two separate objectives. Objective 1) Collect another copy of each of their souls (they are all the same across all versions). Objective 2) Eliminate all other versions of themselves across all universes and dimensions ("Remember, we are only immune because we opened the portal in France..."-Maxis radio to Richtofen in The Giant) because they are the most likely to cause chaos that could threaten the "house" universe.


The reason they want the souls is so that they can have another version of themselves live on in innocence and not have to witness the evil that has been around them for so long.

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7 minutes ago, jonarthur said:

so in the memory segment he said "he thinks I don't know" do we know what that means yet or nah?

We don't know what that means yet.

7 minutes ago, jonarthur said:

my bad with all the question btw I'm just trying to catch up on what I missed not paying attention to the story to much the plant few maps lol

No problem. I'm just glad I can help others understand this convoluted and overcomplicated story.

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2 hours ago, ZachIsLit said:

I thought the eye colour changed depending on the demonic announcer. 

That was indeed before Origins and BO3. And hey, welcome to the site!


Also, back in the days of BO1, GKNova6 said that "Hell is purple".




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13 hours ago, anonymous said:

Also, back in the days of BO1, GKNova6 said that "Hell is purple".

Where can I find the old GKNova6 info? I wasn't paying much attention to zombies back then and missed that campaign.


Also, after looking more and more into the Zombies Omniverse, I am seeing the astonishing amount of green (as in eyes, 115, etc.). I'm starting to lose faith in my assumption that it is just aesthetic and gameplay mechanics. @anonymous @Doppelgänger Any thoughts on what this could be?

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