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Cacoon zombies

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Anyone else notice that the zombies from the cacoons dont respawn closer to u if you get too far away? They are pretty nice for turnin one fast zombie into a couple slow ones who you can keep track of.

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I have noticed and used these zombies as well.  If you will notice, when you extract the zombie from the cocoon, he then becomes part of the round and you can then kill the "last" true round zombie.


Another glitch I have found was of recently, zombies tend to just run into walls, boulders, and door openings.  When you open a door, there is what looks like an electric input coil that zaps the vines open.  Over by the first 1000 door (750 solo) near the Skull platform, I have see a zombie just running his little heart out.  I passed right by him and revived another.  He stayed there until I actually went right up to him.  To my surprise, he gave me a good ol' fashioned double hit for my curious mind.

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Hey @Boofums, would you mind renaming this thread as it is somewhat misleading and may even be inaccurate, as it may have been intended to work that way.

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