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  1. has anyone been able to do these solo? or is there an extra step I'm missing? i heard the que that i should have the mangler helmet but it wasn't on the manikin..
  2. Boofums

    Possible easter egg step

    i think it has to do with the lasers probably.
  3. i can't remembrt its one of the older maps
  4. Boofums

    Apothicons - Universe Cracker Type

    so could 115 be linked to Kronos?
  5. Boofums

    Black Ops 3 Revelations official trailer

    I've heard that I just don't understand but how that explains that rich was able to see through different times and universes. yeah now that the cut scene has been released it def looks like the source of 115.
  6. Boofums

    Black Ops 3 Revelations official trailer

    noah has the intro cutscene! characters are at the house as kids, map is gonna be a combo of all the maps, we see maxis and figure out watch going on. its insane.
  7. Boofums

    Black Ops 3 Revelations official trailer

    and did anyone else get a zombie dragon vibe? anyone else think the last shot is the kronorium?
  8. Boofums

    Black Ops 3 Revelations official trailer

    can you say goosebumps... ok so i never played origins but was that a staff they showed? and there was a generator sign? i think all signs are point to the staffs and primis...
  9. yeah i was only shooting the helmets off at first i guess the first time we did it we shot the arms off without knowing it was part of the step.
  10. Boofums

    Earliest EE Completion??

    Me and two other guys did the easter egg last night by round 16 and i was wondering what was the earliest someone has done it? i would love to hear what other people on the site have gotten as well as, if anyone knows the world record..
  11. Boofums

    upgrade the gauntlet?

    xbox one
  12. Boofums

    upgrade the gauntlet?

    seeing how everything in this level is green at first (both ray guns, gauntlet, shield fire, and dragon strike) and then gets upgraded to red, there has to be a way to upgrade the gauntlet. i'm gonna spend some time killing zombies with it today and listen for any ques... anyone want to join just send me a message boofy bear15
  13. Boofums

    Any casual players out there

    boofy bear15 hit me up
  14. Boofums

    Where is the last zombie?

    Try slashin a couple more u can usualy get a couples slow ones if you have three zombies or more. and they dont respond.
  15. Boofums

    Cacoon zombies

    Anyone else notice that the zombies from the cacoons dont respawn closer to u if you get too far away? They are pretty nice for turnin one fast zombie into a couple slow ones who you can keep track of.
  16. Boofums

    kt4 upgrade

    This too
  17. Boofums

    kt4 upgrade

    There are two kt4 tables when ur lookin at the first one turn to the wall to your right and its the first table on the left. I did the same thing for like a week.
  18. Boofums

    imprint plant

    Ive had it once before with the rainbow water. The key factor seems to be having multiple plants goin.
  19. Boofums

    imprint plant

    I believe its always a dif formula. it seems to be shooting it three time with one of the colors. The ones i usualy get it with is three blues or three rainbows.
  20. Boofums

    Can't upgrade the KT4...

    Which tables are you using the kt4 have their own two and they are right next to each other in the same room.
  21. Boofums


    has anyone figured out what the bones easter egg is. There are some bones right in front of the second kt 4 table that make sounds when u hit x on them and two dif spots in the lab near the green water.
  22. Boofums

    Kt4 glitch

    Hahaha man did i feel stupid thank god i had a zombie in there with me! who forced me backwards a little and i saw the prompt.
  23. Boofums

    Kt4 glitch

    I know a couple people have posts about this but i wanted to make an up to date one and see if we cant figure this out.. now ive done all the steps correctly a couple dif times and the very first time i had perkaholic and it let me give it the gun. Then i proceed to take away all my guns leaving me with the pistol as samantha laughed in the background as my money was slowly taken away.. Does this mean the game thought i was cheating and now i cant do the easter egg?
  24. Boofums

    Kt4 glitch

    So i finally figured out the problem while running the map. I had no idea there are two tables! Both in the same room just feet apart from each other. So if you still are having the problem turn around and theres another table right behind you and got on with that EE!!!
  25. Boofums

    KT4 Upgrade Isuues

    Same thing is goin on with me. The first time i tried it took all my guns away and my money.. Did that happen to you as well?

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