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Blood-vials EMPTY?

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So, I swear this is the last topic I bring over from Reddit.  (lies,pure refined lies) 

But the reddit user:   kvothebloodless96  (Full credit to him, and thanks for the pictures) 

Noticed something about Richtofen: His blood vials are empty. 



As you can see the blood vials are TOTALLY empty. And there could be reasons for this: 

1- The easiest reason: Treyarch live-action-trailer producers cut some corners or made a boo-boo. This reason is boring, but if we get to Zetsubou and the vials are red again, then it's just an error. 

2-If this is INTENTIONAL. I have some theories, which boils down to: 

2.1- Richtofen USED the blood vials to do something between the end of the Der Eisendrache easter egg, and the opening cut-scene for Zetsubou. 


2.2- The blood viles were taken from him. This would make sense if he was captured by this group.  After all, two vials of suspicious liquid could easily make a weapon of destruction for the ship. If this was the case, then we might get some focus for re-acquiring the blood of the villainous 418B and 368A aka Finn Oleary and Sal Daluka, or finding a suitable replacement...


Your thoughts?

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My first guess would be that he used them on or for something between DE and ZnS. During the livestream it was said that the fans don't see what happens in between the maps, but that those parts are important too. Maybe the characters themselves will shed some light on it during conversations when the DLC arrives. The vials also look extremely clean, as if there hasn't been anything in it in the first place. No idea what that would mean, but I imagine that if they were emptied there would at least be some blood left inside them.

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