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Wunderfizz Question, in preperation of relese.


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So in Origins if you looked in the Sky, you would see lighting bolts, signaling the Wunderfizz' current location. 

I've seen a couple people talk about it moving around and having to find it in Der Eisendrache.

My question is, are the lightning bolts still present or not. I hadn't seen it mentioned anywhere, and would be disappointed if it didn't return, as it's a really unique/useful feature.

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4 hours ago, Hells Warrrior said:


Having had the same thought as you about origins, no lighting bolt that. I have been able to find show when trying to find Der Wunderfizz

There is lightening, but its really not that pronounced at all, and I couldn't see it unless I was standing like next to the machine. However, there are only 5 wonderfizz locations and they are all pretty close to eachother, so it shouldn't be too much of a trek to try and actually find where it goes after it disappears.

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4 hours ago, Ragdo11706 said:

Length wise though?!?! Overall yea, given the verticality of it, but Origins just seems so stretched out, plus I've never played Der Eisendrache, I was just going off the gameplay I've seen.


Soo, I assumed....

Uh huh. And we all know what happens when you do that…

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