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Paper in Kino der Toten

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In the stair room between the theatre and the generator room, you see a paper laying under the stair on a box.

If you look between the steps, you can see it.

Now it doesn't look like a paper with codes or a letter or something, but more like a map or some strange symbol.

Has anyone ever noticed this or know what this is.

And something else I noticed (and maybe some of you too), in the MP40 room in the barrier right next to the MP40, you see some film reels, which you can move by throwing grenades.

If you want, I can make a picture of the paper, but please take a look self first :)

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You may be referring to this? Does this look like the one?


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Yeah, thats it.

I searched on google but I couldn't find anything so I thought it wasn't found yet.

What does it mean?

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It's a note from Illuminati to Edward Richtofen (FS ER = Faithful Servant Edward Richtofen)

It says:


We have listed both Tabun and Sarin. Be wary of the Doctor. His involvement should be minimized if you want to make it out alive. We are not sure on how he achieved this time and place. Do what you must...

It has the chemical formula of Tabun and Sarin in it. Both are nerve agents used as chemical weapons. It's dated January 23 '75 which is quite interesting. What the note means for the story hasn't been quite solved yet. The toxins may relate to Creepy Crawlers that leave Nova gas behind as they die. And the time travelling doctor mentioned could be the Pentagon thief.

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When this thing finally gets explained, my life will be made. Now that the multiverse and time travelling has become much more apparent, I'm certain we'll be seeing this again.

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