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Gatekeepers spawn power ups ?

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I've noticed if you pickup the badge in the Canal District, then use the Rift, once you've got all 6 Keepers together, if you kill them in rapid succession, they almost always drop a power-up.

This is not limited to only the Canal District, no matter which district it is, if you proceed to use the Rift Portal and have 6 Keepers, this seems to be a normal thing.

Although I do find it rather intriguing...

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With the exception of points and their mode of travel, the keepers seem to act like regular zombies.

I'm fairly certain I've used them for Trip Mine upgrades. Edit: tested. I did the Devil-O upgrade using only Keepers. The upgrade worked, no other noticeable effect.

Not sure about statues... Edit: they work for statues.

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@83457 The keepers can indeed be used to fill the eggs. I always seem to open Footlight last when I am ready to fill the egg, go into beast mode, spawn the keepers for the ritual part and put both their souls into the egg.

Power up drops can also spawn from the rituals, regardless of whether you kill the keepers or not.  It's always worth lingering for a few seconds after a ritual to see if you can grab a cheeky double points.

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On 2/13/2016 at 7:32 PM, Ragdo11706 said:

Not to be too off topic, I find it funny when I'm kiting the Keepers, and one of them proceeds to fall, when he gets back up he runs as if he's a zombie that has legs.

I always tend to find myself laughing at the error made during this animation.

I just saw that last night. Rather silly.

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